Monday, February 20, 2012

Cradle Cap Stinks!

Haha! Literally. This poor baby had a nasty case of infant acne along with cradle cap for the whole month of January. The cradle cap was mainly in her ears and it had a very stinky smell to it. Has anyone else ever dealt with that before? I always thought cradle cap was usually in the hair but her ears were an oozing, yellow mess. Once it started to dry up it was awfully fun to pick at though! I was a happy mommy when it all started to go away. 

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MammaMelgar said...

Sarah had pretty bad cradle cap until she was about a year old. Hers was so bad we had to get a lice comb from the pharmacy to comb out her hair atleast once a week. My sister had it until she was seven so it didn't bother me that Sarah's lasted a year.