Monday, February 20, 2012

Anika's Baptism & Sawyer's Blessing

Tuesday, December 27th was such a special day! Anika was very excited to share it with Sawyer. She is such a great big sister. The little necklace she is wearing is the one I wore at my baptism. =) I love this little girl and her strong, simple testimony of the Gospel.

I think these jumpers are so cute. I remember feeling cute in mine when I got baptized. 
Daddy and his "oldest girl". 
Anika has been signing all of her notes 
Love, your oldest girl. 
What a sweetie. 
Anika with her 2 Grandpas, her Daddy, Uncle Cam, Uncle Marshall, and Cousin Steve

The Wests'

The Kivetts'

I love Anika so much and am so proud of her. 

Here is our little baby, Sawyer Grace. She received a lovely blessing from her Daddy.
We are so grateful she is in our family!


Susan said...

i think that's awesome you were able to do a blessing and a baptism together - what a special day!!

The Richins Family said...

what a special girl you have brittanie. she looks so pretty in her baptism dress. She looks like she is a good mommy in training holding her baby sister.