Thursday, September 02, 2010

Last Summer Adventure

We decided to give Port Aransas another shot! We liked it last time but those jelly fish didn't give me happy feelings! It was the perfect day! No jellyfish in sight, a slight breeze, happy kids, hardly any birds trying to steal our food, good friends. Perfect. =) Here are some quick snapshots. I want to be all caught up because I'm DETERMINED to post more often about the day to day things. I just used to Blurb to make my blog into a book and throughout the process I felt so grateful that I had kept a blog! I wouldn't have remembered most of the stuff I've posted about. Anyway, here are the pictures from our day!

Walking on the beach:

Playing in the sand:
Aaron was smart and brought a shovel! Check out their masterpiece!

Getting buried alive!Brenan loved the dog!
Keslie and Avarie flying our Spiderman kite:
Kelli and Derrick

Kathryn, Phillip, and Spencer

Kelli, Britt, Kathryn, and Heather (who I'm convinced can pull off anything - even big, floppy hats!)

Check out the dolphin! Check out the dolphins fin. Check out the water. Check it out. Maybe Sonny would let me be a "check it out" girl with her. =) Do you watch the show Sonny with a Chance? I love it. =)

We went Kayaking:

Brenan and Peyton fell more in love. Heather caught a picture of them KISSING and I can't wait to post it. These kids are hilarious!
And that was our last day of summer! It was pretty great. We got home around 11 pm and we were all fried (note to self - don't use Walmart sunscreen EVER again!). I'm glad we ended with a bang! I'm always sad to see summer end. I hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!=)


Amy S said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time! I love the beach. I didn't know there were jelly fish around here on the coast...not good! Did you guys ever go to Garner State Park?

Karen said...

Your kids are getting so big!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. :)

Renae said...

Thenks, Britt, for the post, and helpping us to see your family.What a fun ending for summer. Looks like everyone had a good time. keep us updated on Brennan and his girlfriend . Love to you all GG and Old Papa

Brittney said...

Oh my heck love all the pics!!! I wish we lived there so we could have come too!! And the check it out bit made me laugh hard!!!! I love sonny with a chance! I miss u tons!! And love u so much! I can't wait to see u in like a month:)