Monday, September 13, 2010

29 Years Old

Well, I reached 29 - the last year of my 20's! It was a great day. We were in Dallas with the Soters and Mandi made me a delicious German chocolate cake. I'm salivating just thinking about it! I love my M&M!! It was so fun to be with them on my birthday - it's been years since we've been able to celebrate together!

Lucky for us, they didn't have any candles so we were able to continue on with the "HUGE candle on top of the cake" tradition that we've had for the past few years. =)

Later in the week my superstar friends, Heather and Ashley, took me out to eat at Red Robin's!
Then we went to a Scentsy party (where I promptly fell in love with the stuff!) and bought this (and some bricks of delicious smelling fragrances!):
Happy birthday to me! Oh, how I love it! And for once my house actually smells good! Gotta love rental homes. =)
After the party we stood on the street and laughed and took pictures. Sandy had joined us by then - yay! I just love these girls.


Mandi said...

Happy Birthday my dear! I already miss you and wish you would come back! I am glad you have such great buddies in San Antonio! Thanks for sharing your birthday with me. We loved having you guys. Come back soon!

winner said...
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THE O'BRIENS said...

you can't tell me I don't have a baby bump now after seeing that picture :). So glad you had a birthday so we could play. You're the best. P.S. Your camping looks like fun! Wish we could've come.

The Francis Family said...

Happy birthday! I think you guys all have the best shoes! I love the big candle on the cake idea, too! What a great tradition :)