Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Karaoke Night

Here are the pictures from the Karaoke night last week! I embraced it like I would a music video. Who knew I would be the only psycho?! Zig zag eyeliner? Check. Green eye shadow? Check. Hair poofage? Check. Leopard print pants? Check. Bright pink shirt? Check. Backstreet Boys music? NO! That was the only bummer! I was looking forward to singing along with my favorite 1990's boy bands. Oh well! It was still great and Ashley sang Baby Got Back with me which ALMOST made up for the lack of NSYNC and 98 degrees. =)

Here are the superstars!

Of course Bree makes me love her and then she leaves me! Thanks a lot!! =) Hopefully she has a great adventure in Utah - we will for sure miss her here though!

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Kev and Ash said...

Wow! What a fun night! Thank you for organizing it all! Thanks for loaning me your shades. Thank you for letting me sing "Baby got Back" with you. Good times!