Monday, September 27, 2010

Labor Day Part 2

One thing I love about Dallas is that there are fun, little water parks/pools and splash pads everywhere! I think San Antonio would be a MILLION times better - it might even tip the scale and I would be happy to stay here forever - if it had splash pads. Seaworld is great but sometimes I don't want to drive 20 minutes, get out the stroller, hike with my 3 kids to the water park and worry about losing them in the crowd of people! It would be nice to drive a couple minutes and let my kids get wet n' wild in the sprinklers. That might be my biggest gripe about San Antonio - the lack of things to do in the summer. It was fun to head up to Dallas over Labor Day and go with the Soterbergs to one of those fun aquatic centers. I had a blast! The babies weren't that into it. Brenan had a MASSIVE allergy attack and was pretty miserable. The poor little guy leaked about a gallon of water out of his eyes on the drive home! We loved getting to see Steve and Mandi again. We played a rousing game of Ticket to Ride on my birthday and Mandi made a delicious dinner and cake! Thanks guys - we love you!

Keslie and Katie became good buddies by the end of this trip. Keslie couldn't stop talking about how Katie was her "new"friend.

I finally got to love on little miss Lizzie. Oh - I just love babies so much! And she is such a sweet little doll!

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