Monday, September 29, 2008


It's all fun and games until someone get's hurt! =) This video starts with Anika being a goofball and then the girls start wrestling. It's pretty cute but kinda long so don't feel obligated to watch it. Unless your name is mom. =)

Do you like to wrestle? I can't wait to not be pregnant so that I can wrestle again. Actually, Nathan isn't that fun to wrestle with - he wins way too fast. And I get claustrophobic and can't breathe. =) I like to wrestle my sisters because then I always win!

Ope - I just remembered that one time at Christmas when Kelyn and Kensi were wrestling and Kensi got the wind knocked out of her and I couldn't stop laughing. I hate those times when I should really NOT be laughing but can't control it. Like the other night when Anika realized that her last fish was dead and then she realized that the other fish and two frogs weren't there either (they had died and we had discreetly disposed of them) and we had to explain that they had died and went to live with their family in heaven and that fish only live a couple months (Hey! It's true in our house!) and she was sobbing and saying she didn't want to bury it because the ants would eat it and why did they want to go live in heaven?? And will they watch over her?? And I looked up at Nathan and burst out laughing. I think it was just a defense mechanism - I felt so bad I wanted to cry with Anika but instead I started laughing. I think I managed to conceal it from my sobbing child. This is why I don't like having pets. I don't think I'd be any better at caring for a dog!
Anyway - goodbye fish #1 and fish #2 and frog #1 and frog #2. No. They didn't have names. The girls just wanted to call them frog and fish. They are very creative when it comes to choosing names for things. I'm rambling. Have a great day!!

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hey britt! so i am a horrible sister! happy late birthday! im glad it was a good one! i love you a ton! by the way i have a new email its so send me everything! i love you tons and cant wait to see you again!-Tessa