Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dang it!!

Apparently I say that a lot! My little miss Keslie has been busting out with it lately and I can't help but DIE laughing. This morning while she was eating her breakfast she was looking at the juice and singing to the tune of "THIS OLD MAN HE PLAYED FOUR..."

HER words:

Juicy juice, dang it juice, juicy juicy dang it juice....

THEN a couple weekends ago when Nathan and I were painting she came up to Nath and said in the sweetest voice ever - "Dang it daddy. What are you doing?"

I like it when out of nowhere she says "dang it, dang it, dang it!!"

AND one last thing not dang it related. Last night we dropped our car off to get it worked on and Keslie was worried that they were leaving me because she couldn't see me then she said "I see her!! It's that BIG, HUGE Girl!!"

Thanks Kes. =)

Here is a picture with her and Aunt Kensi (I'll get more Kensi pictures up VERY soon!!)


Tim and Amy said...

That's adorable and so funny! I want to see pics of you!

Brittney said...

Oh man that is so hilarious and so cute. I say that alot too and Brayton says it a bit too. I just laugh. At least I'm not cussing. But yes get the Kensi pics posted soon and I will be talking to you tomorrow girl!!!!! :)

Mandi said...

That is so darn cute and she is so darn cute and your husband is so darn cute (in the "He's a really sweet husband" kind of way of course). I love you and miss you and you are so darn cute too!