Friday, September 26, 2008

Playing Catch-up! Let's start with Kensi...

I am sooooo far behind! Today is rainy and we are going to stay snuggled in our home all day so I figured that I really oughtta tackle this. =)

Last month my sister, Kensi came for a visit! We absolutely loved having her here!! The girls pretty much think she's the cat's meow and can do no wrong. After an annoying luggage ordeal with the airlines she got all settled in and we spent the next few days showing her the scenes! She came at a BEAUTIFUL time of year and it was sunny and gorgeous the whole time she was here! We've never had that happen. Every time we have guests it rains!

We went berry picking!! We all came away from the berry patch with massive bug bites! I'm not even sure what got us.

We went to the beach! Of course, we had to stop at IKEA for lunch. It's tradition. =) The girls had a great time collecting snails in their buckets.

Nathan watched the girls all day on Saturday so that Kensi and I could go to New York! It was sooo fun! We took the train in and laughed and laughed about everything! When we got there we walked to Broadway in hopes of seeing a Broadway show. We wandered Broadway until lottery time and then waited FOREVER and then we DIDN'T get tickets!! Such a bummer! We comforted ourselves with lunch from Cosi. SO good! Here we are killing time on Broadway:

AND here we are on the subway heading to China town!! Shopping was Kensi's main interest in New York so we shopped away. Call me naive but I TOTALLY thought (so did Kensi) that we were buying the real thing - Prada, Gucci, D&G, Kate Spade, etc. We got off the subway at Canal street and were immediately accosted by a lovely Chinese woman. She told us to follow her and we did. We ended up at her van parked on the side of the road and she had us crawl in and sit on her wooden bench. Her van was LOADED with purses! Kensi bought a couple from her and then we were on our way. So later on down the road a Chinese man asks us if we want purses - he lists off the brands and I ask if he has any Prada and he looks around and then says "Yes - follow me." So we do. Through a door. Up 4 flights of stairs. Into a deserted apartment and back to a closet. I'm panicking at this point. Surely he's going to murder us in the closet!! But when he opens the door there are many other tourists and a lady selling and he leaves! We were in designer bag heaven!! We then continued on our quest to find jewelry, perfume, and more purses! I could not believe it when I found a man selling watches!! I bought Nathan a MOVADO and a GUCCI watch for $55!! Can you believe what a rip roaring deal that is???! =( We also got TIFFANY and CO bracelets and I came upon a Kate Spade purse. It was all worth it! Even after we discovered that Kensi's D&G purse was the exact same as my Prada and that my Kate Spade had a STICKER on it! It got even worse when we got home and I presented Nathan his gifts. He died laughing and said "Oh Brittanie! You're so innocent." He wore the Movado to chuch the next day out of love for me and the band totally fell apart during the first hymn. I couldn't stop laughing. One of those times where I laughed until it turned into crying. Right in the middle of church! Anyway - like I said. Totally worth it. =)

After China town we headed to Battery park and were going to catch the Staten Island ferry. We saw the way it rocked about in the water and both of us got green in the face and decided to just take pictures from a distance! I didn't do a very good job of putting the Statue of Liberty on Kensi's hand! Who knew I was supposed to do that!

After this we headed back to Grand Central Station to catch the train! Here we are killing time!

Kissy face

Smiley face

Ugly as sin face

Cheesy as can be face

??? face

Scared to death face. I know, my neck looks like Little Foot's.

After the train ride we got to drive home and I FINALLY had someone to sing at the top of my lungs with! It's not often that I have someone in my car that loves The Backstreet Boys as much as I do! Seriously. This doesn't make you want to turn up the volume super loud and then dance like crazy??!! YEAHHHHAHAHAHAAAAA!

At the carousel!

The rest of the time we relaxed and read books and watched movies and had a grand time!! We miss you Kensi!!! Thanks for coming to visit us!


Susan said...

What a fun time you guys had! I forget how close you are to NYC... so cool! I've never been before and I feel lame. I love Backstreet Boys too.. and NSync of course - so cool that Lance Bass is on Dancing with the Stars (do you watch that?!)

The Allen's said...

you look really cute with a hat. i am so glad you guys had so much fun. kensi is a sweet person for sure. nice pics of nathan too. i thought they were real when i just saw the first one but i guess not. i don't think nathan will ever get a second chin lucky dog. love you. wish we could come out too. hope you guys get into texas so then we can drive. give the girlies a kiss and nathan a squeeze for us.

Mandi said...

That sounds like a grand good time you had there my friend! It's about time you posted on your blog again. I was beginning to think you were getting worse than me. Um, I am awfully glad that you guys didn't get killed while trying to buy top dollar merchandise at "killer prices!" You obviously don't remember our little rendezvous with perfume (parfume du monde) back in the good ol days of PDS. I can still see us waving at those people with our arms full of awesome perfume and waving at them the entire way. Only to have Steve and Nathan laugh their heads off at us and begin to question whether or not marrying such ditzes would be a good idea (not really though, they thought we were cute!) But just like you said, so worth it! I still can't remember many times that I have laughed harder. Those were great times! Oh, I miss you! I'm sorry that we aren't together for our pregnancies. You are awfully cute you know. I love you tons! Oh, your girls are so cute and sweet. You are one courageous woman to do joy school and I bet than Anika loves it!

John, Lisa and family said...

Hope you don't mind me dropping in to your blog! I love peaking in and seeing how my dear friend's kids are doing!! Your family is beautiful...and I can tell you are one GREAT mom! What a fun trip to New York...I'm jealous! I have yet to get there and see the sights and take advantage of all the smokin' deals on all the knock offs! Thanks for sharing! Love, Lisa Jackson

Tim and Amy said...

okay you are TOTALLY cracking me up! i would have NEVER followed anyone up to crazy closets or whatever and that is HILARIOUS that the watch fell apart at church. Hope the purses are cute though - even after taking off the sticker!! :o)

Heidi Ann said...

It's about time! What a killer time you girls had! HOw lucky she was able to come and visit! Next time you need somebody to belt out BSB you call me, i know every word to every song! GO BSB! I loved seeing your pregnant belly, you look SO good!