Saturday, January 13, 2007


* I've cut Nathan's hair twice!! I'm pretty proud. AND for the sake of quoting the COWBELL video, I'll just say that "this time was even better than the first!" Actually, the first time was a PERFECT haircut - so I could only do worse. Haha! So, I'm a little cocky about it - but who would have expected me to get it right the first time? Nathan said that he had never seen blending quite like it. This last time I went just a little high on the right side, but it ended up looking good. Let me tell you - I breathed quite the sigh of relief!

* Just in case any of you were wondering about how Nathan did on his test - he did AWESOME!!! Above average! Great job Nath!

* Keslie has become my little dancer. She does this cute thing with her arms - she throws one up over her head and then rotates it with the other. She is such a CLUTZ!! It's hilarious! Maybe it's because when she walks she is jumping with one foot and swinging one arm. She's so fun. She has such a deep little voice and isn't talking very much yet so we get to hear a lot of DAAAAAAA DY (really deep) and MOOOOMY. She holds the middle vowel. She is great at listening - we can ask her to do just about anything and she'll get right on it.

*Anika has had a really hard week. She's been sick and so sad for some reason. I'm not sure what's going on with her. I'm really worried. Nathan gave her a blessing - so we are hoping for a better day tomorrow. Wish us luck!

* Still no snow in CT! It is warmer here than in AZ! What is going on?!!!

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