Friday, May 13, 2016

March 2014

In March we decided to caravan to AZ with our friends, the Belnaps! We drove halfway and then got to stay at a hotel for the night. The kids had so much fun swimming and switching cars. They were great little travelers. We saw so many people that we love. 

Jett, Elle, and Sawyer taking a bath in Grannie's tub! 

Making monkey bread with Grannie! A treasured tradition. Grannie and Papa's house is one of my favorite places in the world. Tatum hung out with us for the day! Heidi and I want them to be best friends like we always were. It's hard when we live 2 states away though! 

We lucked out and ended up in AZ at the same time as Tessa and Ryker! He is SO cute and I love my T-Jazz. 

It's always fun when the littles try to help. =) 

One morning we drove over to see the new Gilbert Temple. It was beautiful and majestic. The grounds were closed because they were working on the lawn but we were able to sit on the outside near the parking lot. Sunny day! 

Hanging out with our West cousins! 

The girls were busy reading these books because Papa told them he would pay them a dollar per book that they read! I think he underestimated how fast they read and how motivated they are by money! Haha!

Breakfast at Kneaders!! The kids love the cinnamon rolls but I LIVE for the french toast! It's to die for. Here are the girls with cutie Carolyne.

We had to get a picture with all of the kids and Granana! 

This was adorable. Sawyer and Ryker held hands every where we went. 

We spent one of our days with Aunt Brittney at the pool! It was so fun! 

We slept at Grannie and Papa's for half the time and it was like being at home. I had to take a picture of Sawyer because she was so peaceful and sweet. She was my roommate. =)
More pictures with the Anderson cousins and Aunt Shaunnie! 

Papa loves his Doggie! 

Getting ready to leave and saying good-bye to our West cousins. They love each other. 

Snuggling with my roomie. 

This was such a fun day! I was reunited with one of my high school best friends, Tasha!! It was so fun to catch up and talk about life. I love her!

We met up with the Kivett's at Riverview park and it was the perfect night for a get together! The kids played while the adults visited and watched them. We even got to see Chris, Stephanie, and their kiddos! 

Climbing the spider web! This was my FAVORITE when I was a kid! I'm so glad it hasn't been deemed "unsafe" and torn down! 
Amber arrived in AZ so we even got to hang out with her!! 
Stephanie, Aunt Sharla, Me, Amber, and Grammy

He loves me!! 

Last night at Grannie and Papa's house. Grannie works so hard at Costco and still comes home and has energy to love on us. 

I love this picture of Papa. He never changes. What a handsome grandpa I have! 

Hahahaha!! I love this picture for so many reasons!!! 

Look at this cute paper Anika wrote about Grannie when she got home. 

It was hard to say good-bye but we were ready to get home and see Nathan! The kids had fun traveling with friends again. 

Sweet, little sickie. =( Look at those red cheeks! She was extra snuggly, which is the only good thing about a sick kid. 

Anika broke her wrist! Again! This girl is seriously so accident prone! Poor kid.This time she got a real cast!! 

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