Friday, May 13, 2016

January 2014

Driving home from a temple night with some of my favorite girls. It was lovely to attend the temple. I wish we had one closer. With little kids at home it's really hard to get away for so long. 

Cute Keslie sitting on the big chair outside of Scoop Me ice cream! Love hanging out with my Bodess. 

For Christmas I gave Nathan a year of pre-planned dates. The first date was a trip to Fuddruckers and the ice skating rink. Unfortunately, the skating rink I took him to was pathetically small so we decided against it. I should have taken him to the one in Arlington. It was fun being with him though! Fuddruckers is always a favorite - I can't get enough of their fried pickles!

Brenan's pre-k teacher, Miss Tamara, sent me this picture of Brenan. She said he was very proud of this tower he was building and wanted her to take a picture to send to me. He is adorable. I really love this preschool that he is going to. 

Here is my cute, busy, little bug! She is getting so big!! She didn't get Keslie's curls. Her hair is kind of doing the mullet. Fancy! =) 

Here she is, snacking on an ice cream cone from Braums. We LOVE Braums ice cream!! 

Do ya think there is enough stuff in bed with her?! Haha! How does she even sleep like this?! 

I walked in and found her like this. She is such a climber. Do you like her Thomas the Train pj's? Hand me downs from Bren! Haha! 

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