Friday, May 13, 2016

February 2014

A full month of LOVE! The February date I had planned was a trip to Sweet Sammies and rock climbing. Sweet Sammies is delicious - you get to choose any flavor cookie you want and then a scoop of icecream for the middle. Rock climbing was a blast! I can't wait to go back! 

This cutie girl read enough books to earn a date with me! We went to Aledo Diner and shopping. I love her so much - drama and all. =) 

We ran the cow town 5k with their school. It was a great time. Brenan was hilarious! About 5 minutes into the race Brenan says he thinks he's going to throw up. He then asks "where are we going anyway?!" Nathan responded with "Back around to where we started." Brenan was dismayed! "Why are we doing this then?!!" He thought we were running TO something really cool. =) We took them out for a fun lunch after the race. It was a good day. 

Here they are - ready to go! Marissa is in Anika's class at school and they are buddies. 

I just wanted a cute picture with my baby! She was not having it! 

Looking a little bit homeless but still oh so cute! 

Valentine's Day! It was a busy one!! Check out her cute outfit! 

Decorating sugar cookies to deliver to friends! 

Class parties! Anika is not wanting to cooperate for pictures right now! She either crosses her eyes or does something goofy with her hand. =) These are her cute friends Cassie and Marissa.

Keslie is always SO happy for me to walk into her classroom! This is the only picture I got from her party though! =(

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