Sunday, July 12, 2015

More November 2013 - Randoms, Sawyer's 2nd birthday, Thanksgiving

I am so far behind on our Family blog so in an effort to get all caught up I will be doing posts with lots of pictures and not as many words. =) 

Kes played volleyball in the fall of 2013 and loved it. 

Kes is a great big sister. 

A good friend of mine brought over some black forest pecan pie. I polished off almost the entire thing when I got a text from her with the caloric information. Thanks a lot! I think I would have preferred to not know that little bit of info. Haha!

We had a rough go with Anika for a few months - the tween hormones are no joke. Haha! I had a good laugh about this rendition she did of my head after one of our arguments. I think I had been telling her that I wanted her to join a music group they were doing at school because I thought it would bless her in the future. She did not agree. On the left (the grumpy side) it says "MORE POWER!!! I'm doing this cause Anika doesn't want to!!". On the right side (the happy side) it says "I'm sending her for a better future". That was a fun one. I think she may have run away from home that night. It was pitch black outside and she made it about 4 houses down before I called her home. 

I love these pigtail pictures! They were always wild in the mornings! 

Sawyer turned 2 on Thanksgiving day. I don't think she was very happy to be awake! She is so much fun and has the cutest, little voice. She loves to dance and jump and she is SOOOO busy and into everything. We can't get enough of her!

We headed down to Austin to spend Thanksgiving with the Gordons. The food was delicious and it was so fun to hang out with them! Brooke and I scored some awesome Black Friday deals! 

Birthday pic! 

Reclining and loving life. 

Anika wrote this cute note to the tooth fairy and actually got a response! Now she writes a note every time. Our tooth faith is named Sugah. =) 

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