Sunday, July 12, 2015

Anika's 10th Birthday

Hitting the double digits is a big deal!! I couldn't ask for a better oldest child. She is so sweet and forgiving as we try to figure out this parenting stuff. =) 
Here she is on her birthday morning! 

Kes was so excited to buy her these candy canes with her own money. 

Thrilled to add Bea Spells-A Lot to their collection. 

This girls LOVES bugs so when we saw this game we knew we had to have it! 

I got to take her on a mommy-daughter date! She is so fun to talk to. 

She chose cheesecake this year so we went the easy route and picked up the multi-flavor Cheesecake Factory one from Costco. Yum! 

For her 10th birthday she got to have a party! She chose a "my favorite things" theme and it was a blast! The girls all got to create a favorite things block ornament. I think they turned out adorable. 

Then they got to decorate their own mini cakes. They had a blast with this! 

Then they played Telestrations and giggled up a storm! 

After that we broke out the cake! She had a dirt/bug cake. It was really yummy. How can it not be good when the frosting is actually chocolate pudding with tons of oreos crumbled all over? 

Present time and good-byes! It was an awesome party! She has some cute friends. Anika was going through a crazy eye phase at this time and I couldn't get her to take a normal picture to save my life. Haha! 

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