Monday, July 13, 2015

December Fun!

December is always one of our family's favorite and busiest months! The day after Thanksgiving we pull out all of our Christmas stuff and decorate and have a cup of egg nog - the first of the season. The kids love the ornaments - that was my favorite part as a kid too!

We have cute stocking  holders but sawyer pulled on a stocking and one of them fell on her head! They are heavy! It looks worse than it was. It didn't need stitches or anything but it scared me a lot! The stockings were put away until Christmas eve. 

Anika's cute note to Santa.

The kids working on their letters to Santa.

A hedgalina picture. 1 year of survival in the West home!

Bren with his cute buddy Katie at the bowling alley. 

Group texting gets really crazy with my family! Haha! 

The girls had to get in on the action. =)

Sawyer being her busy self! She WAS dressed! What happened to her clothes??!

Anika's homemade stocking for Hedgalina.

A few random pictures of the kids!

Anika was an elf in her school play. It was such a cute production! Here she is with one of her best friends. 

Christmas class parties! Keslie's 2nd grade teacher was amazing! 

Anika wasn't as willing to be photographed. Haha! Fun age. =)

Meredith and Catherine came over and decorated a ginger bread house with the kids. They had fun even though they couldn't get the walls to stay up! 

10 minutes before our ward Christmas party Anika thought it would be an awesome idea to play in the mud! Haha! 

When Sawyer puts on her own lipstick she looks like the Joker. =)

Helping with brownies!

We had some amazing snow/ice days! The road looked like it was covered in snow but it was actually solid ice. People were out ice skating. The whole area shut down for days! My kids had a blast! 

Keslie's snow man because the snow wasn't soft enough to actually make a real one. 

We always look forward to our annual gingerbread house night! This was the first year we didn't do just basic milk carton houses. I let the kids tell me what shape they wanted. We use hot glue to keep the graham crackers together. 

Another fun thing we do every year is make donuts and watch Luke 2. This year the Belnaps joined us. They started off with some Just Dance. =)

Sunday morning Christmas tree pictures:

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