Thursday, January 05, 2012

Keslie's Ballet/Tap Recital

Keslie had her first ballet/tap recital here in Fort Worth. I think she's a natural at this stuff! It was so fun to watch her! She is usually shy when she's in front of people but she loved the spotlight and was grinning throughout both of her performances. Here she is before her performance:
A couple group shots that we got during the rehearsal. Keslie is in the front 3rd from the left (or 2nd? I can't tell if the girl at the far left is in the front or back).
And a couple close ups of our little dancing queen:
Here she is with her fabulous teacher:
Proud daddy! He let her choose a place to go get dinner and she chose Taco Bell and then requested Braums ice cream for dessert. =)

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Brittney said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!! She is so beautiful!!! She had the best moves and positions out of all the girls there!!!!:) love her!!! Get some videos of her dancing! I want to see!!