Monday, March 07, 2011

WTF - Why The Face?

Haha! Thank you Modern Family. =) Apparently, when the girls get a hold of my camera and try to take a picture of me, I feel it's my duty to make the ugliest face possible! I think sometimes I make faces to answer questions. For example - if you were to ask me:

"Hey Brittanie! What did you think of the Mango Pulled Pork Enchiladas you made last night?"
Answer: (see picture)
Yes, they were that gross. Nathan says they are a little better heated up the next day. I can't believe he took them for lunch. Gag.

Or: Hey Brittanie! How did you feel about the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK?
Yes, I thought it was that boring.

Anyway, time to catch up!

Beanie's 2 front teeth dangled there for a couple months until she finally got brave enough to let Nathan take them out. We did them over 2 nights. After the first one came out she sort of looked like a little hillbilly!

She was SO happy to have them out and Keslie was SO jealous and wishing that she could lose some teeth.
We spent one Saturday morning trying to teach the girl's how to ride two wheelers. Anika got the hang of it but Keslie kept turning around to make sure we were behind her and then she'd crash. We broke out the ole' roller blades and had a blast.
Brenan climbed into the bathtub with his clothes on for the first time(I think). He climbed in while it was draining so by the time I found him (Anika ran down to tell me he'd climbed in) he was just all wet in an empty tub.

Here he is just chillaxin'.
I said "what are you doing you weirdo?!" and he turned and gave me a big old grin. Haha!
It got pretty cold here in San Antonio! We even had a snow day! It was pretty comical watching the newscasters talking about the snow. The entire city shut down! Check out these pictures I took at the entrance to our neighborhood! It reminded me of CT!

We had a baby shower for one of my best friends - she had her first boy!!

Ashley and Heather - oh! I love them!
They are holding the "group gift". Haha! It was to signify a rocking chair but when she opened it she was pretty confused! I had a good laugh. =)

Nicole, Britt, and Bretta.
Nicole - I want you to know that this picture made me love you even more and it was even better because it was a surprise! I had no idea you did the tongue face. LOVE IT!
Some of the fabulous guests (I should have taken the camera out before people left!):
Ashley, Nanci, Jordan, Celeste, and Katie
Cute Lindsay and cute Shannon
We had yummy soups and salad and I had leftovers for days. It was glorious! Now Kyler is here and he is so darn cute. =)

We took the kids to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and it was a blast! I'm sad that we didn't get to see the actual rodeo - we just wandered the grounds. It reminded me of the state fair. My biggest regret is that I didn't have a cowboy hat to wear. =(

We learned how to lasso. Nath got the hang of it pretty fast!
and we got to pose with an Indian chief!
They had the best petting zoo I've ever been to! Sheep, kangaroos, llamas, dear, and pot-bellied pigs were a few of the animals wandering around and some were hungry! There was a dear that kept trying to eat Nathan's shirt!

"Llama face!! WAAAA!"
The kids rode some carnival rides:
Every time Kes came around she was doing something different. She's hilarious. =)
I learned something new about Nathan! He has never been to a state fair or ridden any fair rides! I can't wait to take him back and ride on the Top Spin with him.

Anika got to hold a ginormous beetle. She's our little bug charmer.

We did our best to keep track of this little escape artist! It was such a fun day and I'm so glad we went!
Valentines Festivites!

It was fun to hear these girl's love stories. =)
I know our husbands feel so happy to be married to such beauties. Haha!
Me, Lindsay, and Ashley went on a little girl's night out before V-day and had a lot of fun! We went to Orange Leaf (my new favorite frozen yogurt place!).
Then we did a little shopping. Fun night!
On Valentine's Day we had a PINK and RED breakfast.
Pink, heart-shaped (sort of) pancakes with strawberry syrup and red smoothies.
It was so easy and the kids were beyond excited!
The girls on V-day morning:
We also cut out, baked, frosted, and decorated dozens of sugar cookies! In keeping with tradition we only delivered half the plates we planned to. It always takes so much longer than I think it will! Next year we decided to divide and conquer. =)
And for my Valentine:
This is my super cheesy love song for Nathan! I just love him so much!


Amber Hendricks said...

Oh how I love modern family, therefore I love your blog title!! He is our favorite! I also enjoyed and loved your post! We like to keep up with your cute little family, you are such a great mom! I super loved the picture of Nathan on roller blades, I bet he pulled out some sweet moves. We love you guys! Miss you!

Kase and Amb

Kev and Ash said...

I love it! What a fun Valentine's Day tradition. We really enjoyed the cookies. That is too funny that Brenan crawled into the bath tub. You look pretty awesome with your facial expressions. You are such a great friend! Thanks for hangin' with me so much :) Love ya!

Mandi said...

Aren't you just cute and fun and I can't wait to be apart of those fun little hang outs! I can't wait to have you up here with me! What luck! Oh, and you are seriously the only girl i know who is brave enough to post such beautiful pictures of yourself! I just love you!!!!!!!!!!

THE O'BRIENS said...

Way to blog it up! Your sisters wedding looks so great. And thanks so much for being so sweet to throw me a shower! That was so nice of you guys. Seeing these pics make me SO happy to not be prego still. Oh my dear heavens! ha ha. LOVE the faces! You're the best.

Charly said...

I love reading your blog posts! They're so fun and cheery! You are fabulous!

Charly said...

I love reading your blog posts! They're so fun and cheery! You are fabulous!

Jenn said...

Man.. Britt, I miss you!! I was crying laughing because you are just too funny. You making those beautiful faces reminded me of being at my house in high school taking all those ridiculous pictures and then running down to develop the roll.. if I can find at least one, I will email it.. I miss you and the laughs we used to have.. love you guys!