Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seaworld, Reunion, and a St. Patrick's Day Parade!

I thought our Seaworld days were over in December when everybody's fun passes expired! But, I realized that I still have my year pass and it's good through June and that Brenan doesn't need a pass until he is 3 so it looks like I'll be taking Brenan while the girls are in school! Woohoo! I might go by myself a few times too and ride the roller coasters and water slides!!

The new Sesame Street Bay of Play opened up and it's tons of fun!
Brenan and Kimball had a great time hanging out at the mini splash pad.

I tried to get Brenan to ride some of the rides but he was not interested. He freaked out on the merry go round and insisted that we sit in the seat rather than on a horse. Anika was the same way!
Here is my little wimp!
That night we got to see some of our old friends from Connecticut!! Hillary and Kyle were vacationing in San Antonio and it was SO fun to see them! We ate at Big'z Burger Joint one night and then the next night they came over and hung out some more. I'm excited that we will only live a few hours from them when we move!

Brenan and Ben were little buddies and had fun playing with the trains.

Kyle, Hillary, Me, and Nathan and we aren't sure which ghostly presence is in the picture with us. =)

On Saturday I loaded up my three cute buddies and we headed into downtown San Antonio for the St. Patrick's Day parade! We all loved the parade but were a little disappointed that they didn't throw candy or necklaces. My kids had brought special bags for their loot and everything! =) It was the perfect day for a parade and we were in a prime spot - shaded, front and center.

Where does Anika get her camera goofiness?!! Haha!

There were a lot of elderly people in the parade dancing, baton twirling, singing - it was awesome and I hope I'm involved in cool things like this when I get older!
And now we are loving spring break! We've played at the park, gone to a movie, hit up the library for some "Granomino Stilton" books ( that is the way Anika says it - the author's name is actually Geronimo Stilton.), raked leaves, and played games. I love not having to deal with school!

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