Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kensi's Wedding

I was so lucky to be able to go to Idaho for Kensi and Brett's wedding! I left my kids home and thoroughly enjoyed traveling without toddlers or babies or strollers or tons of luggage. I actually got to read and sleep on the airplane!! But, oh my gosh! I missed Nathan and my babies so much while I was gone! I don't know if it was because I was home with family and I've never gone to my parent's home without my kids but I felt like I was missing a limb! I don't think it would have been like that if I'd been on a tropical vacation or something. =) Anyway, it was pure bliss aside from the missing my kids and Nathan part. It was pretty much GO GO GO from the minute I arrived. I went straight to the bridal shower (almost). Two of Kensi's cute friends threw it for her. I love these girls. I'm so glad my siblings have such great friends up in Rexburg!

Summer, Kensi, and Alexis

Haily(my cute cousin), Kelyn, Brittney, Alyssa, Hannah, and Me
Annie, Mom, Kensi's friend, Alyssa, and Kens
The sisters (minus Carlie and Baylie)
Kensi got a balloon tied to her hair every time she answered a question wrong. =)
Killing time while we waited for Dad to bring the generator. The power kept going out and the fire alarm kept going off. It was hilarious!

After the shower we headed to the movies for the traditional pre-wedding movie. This time we brought a whole slew of people with us. It was so fun and we had the WHOLE theater to ourselves! We saw Gnomeo and Juliet.

Here are a couple group shots - we couldn't get the whole group in one picture so we had to divide everyone up. =)

After the movie all the sisters and a couple brave girlfriends did the traditional dancing in the front. The guys made scary hand shadows and pretended to pluck us up off the ground! Yikes
I like this one of Kensi and Brett with the psycho hand shadow hovering over them. Haha!
All the dancers:
Her wedding was beautiful. She was such a gorgeous bride and I'm just so happy for her and Brett! They were so cute all day. =) I didn't take any pictures of them at the temple because I was lazy and didn't want to tote my camera around so I stole this picture off of my sister, Amber's, blog:

I did take tons of pictures at the luncheon though (not so many at the reception - I was tuckered out!).

Here is one of all ten of us sisters:
Amber, Baylie, Brittney, Brittanie, Kensi, Carlie, Alyssa, Hannah, Tessa, and Kelyn
It was so fun to have ALL the siblings there!
Me and my Daddy
Kelyn, Britt, Tessa, Amber
Tess and I have never been very good at taking normal pictures together. =)
My Dad cracks me up - he kept popping up in these silly pictures!
Kel smooching on Hannah Bo
Me and Joseph
Addison, Tessa, and Addison's parents
Cute Haylie and Daniel
Me and Brandon
Me and Baylie and Carlie
The fabulous Brittney with Raylee and Brayton
I love this picture of Dad and Grammy.
Kelyn and Grammy
Amber and Kasey
Me and Grammy
Joseph and Grammy
And that's all the pictures I'm going to post from the wedding! I love my family so much. It was a busy, crazy weekend but we made lots of great memories.

Congratulations Kensi and Brett! I hope you have so much fun being in love and sharing in all of life's adventures! Love you guys!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, She was gorgeous!! And she looks SO happy! I'm glad she's glad! :) You looked adorable! I'm happy you had a relaxing weekend!

The Thompsons said...

FUN DAY! I am just happy I made it onto your blog! Hahaha!

Sara said...

What a beautiful family - and seriously - ten sisters?! Your dad is a rockstar for putting up with so many girls in his house! :)
Congrats to Kensi - she looks radiant. And you are beautiful as always. (we miss you up here!)