Thursday, October 14, 2010

Power Tunes and a Whole Lotta Prayer!!

That is the recipe for being a happy mom. =) When I'm in a "slump" I go over my "How to Be Happy checklist" in my head to find out what I'm missing. So, what was missing for me? I'll tell you right now - Power Tunes!! I hadn't listened to my Power Tunes for several months and I was FEELING it. This CD is the soundtrack for my LIFE. I grew up with it and I LOVE it and it makes me "happy and cheerful, happy and cheerful in everything I do"! This CD is the best of the best children's music (it's great for adults too!)and is guaranteed to make even the crustiest person smile. =) It is full of wonderful songs that teach great values in a fun way. It's the good kind of brainwashing! Check out this song list and click on the song to listen to a sound clip. If I HAD to pick my top 5 for you to listen to they would be: Attitude, Enthusiasm, Determination, Industry, Courage, Cheerfulness, Integrity, Overcoming... Oops - just realized I've gone over five! Just listen to all of them because they are the BOMB.COM. Forgive me Nathan. (He hates it when I say that. Apparently, I'm not as cool as I think I am). =) Anyway, here they are:

You can thank me later. This CD is back in my van's CD player where it belongs. If you see me driving up and down the road with a big, goofy grin it's because I'm listening to "Courage" or "Enthusiasm" or "industry"!

And for the times when you see me using my phone as a microphone and shaking my other hand by my ear and snapping (if you've seen me dance then you know what I'm talking about!) I am probably taking a break from my Power Tunes to listen to my song of the moment. If I'm at a stoplight I might pop my head back and forth and throw in some shoulder action and then I'll throw my hands up in the air and sing:

" I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes, Saying Ay-Oh, Gotta Let go. I wanna celebrate and live my life!"

Catchy, right? It needs to be turned up pretty loud for it to have the best effect. I can't wait to be in the car with one of my sisters while this one is on because we will ROCK IT. A couple of my girlfriends went with me to a movie on Friday night - since I missed out on the traditional sister bachelorette movie night (the one where we dance in front of the theater when the movie is over!). It was great and they are always so willing to indulge me when I want to take dorky pictures. I think they secretly like it! =) My favorite picture of the night was this one:
Thank you for indulging me girls! It was just what I needed.


Tairi said...

It's midnight and I just turned up the volume and jammed to my favorite song! Thanks. I would love to pull up next to you in the car while we are both rockin to this song with the kids in the back! haha.
I am sorry for what you have been through in the last little while. I can relate to you so much. some of the things you write I feel like it's totally me. Especially about the thinking your going to die part. Sometimes I think I am a hypochondriac and that every little thing leads to death.... hmm

well your kids sure are growing up and your little man is such a cutie! Hope you guys are doing good!

meg said...

um....hello...thanks for the invite!!