Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Love You, November! You're only 4 days away!!

I'm ready to bid farewell to the month of October! It's just been one of those months. Five good things happened though:
1. We got a visit from my mom! Hooray!!
Look! She knows how to make crazy faces too! =)

We mostly just hung out around the house (more on that later). But right before we took her to the airport on Friday we went to the Alamo and Chipotle!

2. Keslie's birthday (see post!)
3. Nathan's birthday(see post!)
4. We discovered our love of PSYCH (the TV show). It makes us laugh so much! Doesn't he look like a mix between Ben Stiller and JD from Scrubs? It's hilarious - we highly recommend it!

5. Tessa got married to Addison! Look at them - they are beautiful. And Tessa is wearing pink shoes. Be still my heart! Why didn't I think to wear pink shoes! I'm so happy for them! I just wish I could have been there!

And this picture is so darn cute! However, it's just missing two very important sisters - me and Hannah!!
Why am I ready to say good-bye to October? When I last posted about my ectopic pregnancy I had just gotten my first dose of Methotrexate. Well, that first dose didn't do the trick so they gave me a second dose - it HURT like the dickens. Four shots in all. Ouch! When I went in a week later they said that my hormone levels were finally going down so it was working! I was feeling fabulous that day - energetic, happy, and back to normal. Then that night I stood up from the couch and was hit with severe nausea and bad pains in my abdomen. I thought maybe it was just gas??? But I could hardly walk so we decided to go back to the hospital just in case. Nathan gave me a blessing and we left the kids in good hands (thanks Heather!). The Dr. didn't seem too concerned - she thought it was probably a side effect of the Methotrexate. That seemed weird to me because it had been 2 weeks since my first dose and a week since my second. Wouldn't I have had the pains before that? Anyway, as soon as she did the ultrasound I could tell something was wrong. There were big, black spots all over the place. SO, after 4 painful shots of Methotrexate my dang fallopian tube STILL ruptured (they said it was shredded!) and I was bleeding into my belly and behind my ovaries. I was pretty sure I was going to die at this point. I just wanted some reassurance and I looked for it twice. Right after she told me they would need to do emergency surgery I asked if I could die - she said "I don't think so". Then, when another Dr. asked me if I had any questions I tried to laugh and ask if I would die and he said "Well, I can never guarantee 100% that you won't". I understand that, but come on! Would it have hurt to say that it's rare and that they had caught it in time and that I would be just fine? I'm a psycho. I know! Anyway, I got to undergo my second surgery in less than a month! They told me they took my left ovary and fallopian tube but I found out at my appt. a couple days ago that they only took the tube. Sweet! =) And that is why my mom came. And why Nathan's birthday was pretty crappy. Monday night when Nathan was picking up my mom Anika puked all over her room. Seriously. I think she leaned over her bed rail and did the sprinkler with her head. Then she came downstairs and threw up. It was a HORRIBLE stomach flu. Nathan left for Dallas the next morning and Kes and Brenan both got it on Wednesday. If my mom hadn't been here I think I would have just sat down on the floor and bawled! Since she was there we were able to find the humor in the situation. We just looked at each other and laughed a couple times! It was insane! I am so glad she came! I'm not supposed to lift anything over 20 lbs for 6 weeks. That didn't last long - as soon as Brenan was covered in throw up I was pulling him out of bed and throwing him in the tub. Hopefully I don't get a hernia - I've been lifting like normal ever since. How do you not lift when you have kids?!! Anyway, I have high hopes for November!

Here we are - 3 VERY sick kids and me right after surgery. =)
The recovery wasn't so bad. I was pretty sore and my shoulders hurt really bad (from the gas they used) but it only lasted a few days. I was feeling SO much better by Thursday. I've been to the hospital and had more blood draws, ultrasounds, surgeries, and shots in one month than I would want in my whole life. I'm so grateful for the love and concern that we've felt from family and friends! I'm very thankful to be alive. =) I'm thankful that they used superglue on my incisions because it was SUPER fun to peel off. My whole belly button was full of the glue and it was amazing to pick it out of there! =) And because I am not not having a baby in May, I will be able to go to CT as planned. I'm super excited about that! I have a second chance to work off this baby weight from Brenan. I will NOT be sick for the holidays. I can ride roller coasters. Just looking at the bright side! Of course, none of those things are as great as having a sweet, chubby baby of my own in my arms! It's okay though. I'm doing great - emotionally and physically. Except for my a little toe on my right foot. I stubbed it tonight and it's hurting A LOT. I'm pretty sure I broke it. Me and door jams. We just don't get along! =)


Charly said...

Oh Brittanie! I am so sorry you've had to go through all of this! I sure hope that the drama is over. You are so amazing with your wonderful outlook and humor.

Susan said...

Oh my! Internal bleeding would have had me all worried about dying too! I'm so glad you are doing so much better now.... What a scary experience! I love your list of positives... You are so amazing brittanie!

THE O'BRIENS said...

I think we need a serious girls night! Whenever I feel like I've hated the past 2 months, I think of you. You for sure trump it by a million. Do overdo it! I will come lift Brennan for you :). I need my friend back to play with. P.S. I love that Keslie's tatoo is still on.

Amy S said...

I am with you, if any little thing happens I have to have Cory reassure me that I am not going to die. I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope you have a fabulous drama-free November and December!Im sorry you have had to go through all that. I am always amazed at how up-beat and positive you are.

P.S. We love Psych too!

The Francis Family said...

I can't believe your kids were throwing up right after your surgery! I'm so, so glad your mom was there to help you out. Aren't moms wonderful? I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm sorry you've had to go through all this and I'm glad you didn't die :) You'll be in our prayers!

Cherie said...

Oh Brittanie! I don't even know what to say! The saying about 'when it rains, it pours' is the absolute truth. I want to know why it can't just sprinkle sometimes. With all these trials, there must be something wonderful on the horizon, right? I guess you can't have a rainbow without rain. Hang in there!

Minharos said...

Oh my goodness Brittanie, you are amazing. I am so sorry you've had such a terrible time! Way to look on the bright side and thanks for introducing us to the Power Tunes. My kids love the attitude song! (We love Psych too .)

Here's to November!

Ben and Nanci Hanks said...

What a month! You are a champion and you looked beautiful through it all! I second Heather about Keslie's tattoo. It looks great with her ballerina getup!!

Tim and Jennifer said...

It was great talking with you today. I seriously would love to help in any way possible! I admire you!

Skinners said...

Oh Brittanie! I have blog searched in forever! I hope that November went better for you and Christmas is looking bright! We were just thinking of you guys the other day when we were talking about our old Tucson days! Its been forever! Maybe someday we'll run into each other at some dental conference! We hope all is well now with YOU and your sweet little family! Miss you guys!