Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bo-peepin' squeakins is 5 YEARS OLD!!

Keslie has already put 5 years of life behind her! I like to think they've been good years and that she's made some happy first memories. =) She is SO easy to please and because of that I think her birthday was dreamy! She chose Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast and got to open her presents right when she woke up. She doesn't show her excitement very much but all day talked about how much she loved her new panda and her puzzles and her "keymote patrol" Strawberry Shortcake car. =) She played at Hallie's house in the morning and then took cupcakes to school. After the girls got home they played a "story" until it was time for the big dinner! I always let them choose their meal and Keslie did not disappoint! She chose macaroni and tomato juice. It's a winner every time! =) Then we had a couple friends come over for cake and ice cream and that was it. We didn't have a big party. We didn't even go out for pizza at Chuckie Cheese and she was still talking about what a great day it was. I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and her answer was THE PRESENTS (shocker!).
Here are some pictures from preschool. She shared her birthday with Justine from school. Her mom took these pictures for me!

The "party":

Here are our birthday cake guests - none of the kids wanted to cooperate but I think both Heather and Meg look super cute so I put the pictures up anyway!

The Saturday before her birthday we met up with Brooke, Scott, Drew, and Taylor for dinner so we could celebrate Drew and Keslie's birthdays together. Kes freaked out when we sang happy birthday to them because "it wasn't her birthday!". She loved the cupcakes and her new Zoobles though! AND we didn't get kicked out for lighting candles! *BIG sigh of relief!*

I think this picture is funny - if they weren't brother and sister I would say they look really cute together. =)

Keslie is one of the most amazing little people I know. Sometimes she is misunderstood. Her shyness is often interpreted as unfriendliness but unfriendly is a word that should never be put in the same sentence as someone as sweet and kind as Keslie. She loves to share, especially with Anika. They are "best friends forever"! If she gets in trouble or messes up she gets very embarrassed and quietly leaves the room. I usually find her sobbing on her bed covered with blankets. She doesn't want to be touched or snuggled until things are cleared up and she knows we are okay. She loves to snuggle when she feels safe and secure but as soon as her world isn't right with her she closes in on herself. It's been tough learning how to discipline her without having her shut down. I think we are finally figuring her out though. She's like an m&m - tough on the outside and super soft and wonderful on the inside. =) She is very smart and has a great imagination. I love her laugh and her cute phrases! She says "What the heck" in front of a lot of things and "That was amazing!" and she sometimes pops her head back and forth when she talks to make herself extra sassy. We love her and our home would be lost without her cute, LOUD voice and her fun-loving personality! Happy Birthday Keslie!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Keslie!!

THE O'BRIENS said...

We LOVE Keslie! She is the sweetest ever. I'm glad she had a good birthday. She's a cutie.

meg said...

We had fun...she is such a cutie! Hope she had a fun day.

The Greggersens said...

I cannot believe she's 5!!! crazy!