Saturday, June 21, 2008


How accurate do you think these things actually are??

Really?... Bummer.

After waiting for an hour and a half and worrying that I had been forgotten the first thing the doctor and I got to chat about was my weight.

"Brittanie, let's talk about your weight."

"Um, okay."

"You gained 7 pounds this past month."

"Oh. Um. Is that not normal???" haha.

"No - 2 or 3 pounds is normal. So, what have you been eating? Ice-cream?"

*giggling nervously and about to burst into tears*

"How did you guess?!"

"Brittanie, Brittanie (he pats my belly) - you can't contribute to the giant!"

FYI - Kes was almost 11 pounds so we are trying to keep this pregnancy under control.

"haha - okay."

So. I guess I am only allowed to gain 3 pounds this next month. Don't people who throw up a lot their first trimester usually have a hard time gaining weight? Well, not me!! In fact I excel!!

THEN, to top it all off, when the appt. was almost over I a said - "So, do I get to schedule an appt. for my ultrasound?!!" He then says that they usually don't do the ultrasound until 28 weeks. WHAT?????? Sorry buddy. I am SO not waiting another 2 and a half months to find out what we are having (it's a boy - it's gotta be). I think he saw the disappointment on my face because he said he'd work it out so I'll get an appt. Thank you.

So, that's the baby update! I'm feeling good for the most part and the baby is moving lots so that is fun!!


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I have never heard of waiting until 28 weeks for an ultrasound. In fact, I was told they normally do them at 18 there... That scale is always so scary to me. It even shot my blood pressure up once after I had gained a ton the month before and I was so nervous to get on it the next month. Anyway, I can't wait to hear what you're having!

jill s said...

i hope you get your ultrasound soon!! i've never heard of waiting until 28 weeks either!! that's crazy!

i had a pretty insensitive dr for a couple of my appointments when i was pregnant with emerson. don't these men realize our hormones are on overload!

i'm glad you're doing good though! some pregnancy pictures would be great! :)

The Allen's said...

ok i am feeling like to cry just reading this. maybe it is that time of the month....or it could be i just sent spencer out to get my ice cream in celebration of my own 7 pound weight gain...and i am not even pregnant. either way tears are forming. and monster is not a good word. definately needs to comeup with a kinder word for higher weight babies. anyways i love you and i think you look awesome and you were under a lot of stress what with traveling and back being thrown out so you are just fine. keep up your good baby making skills. kes was a cutie patoot and so will this one you

The Allen's said...

sorry giant not monster.either way not good use of words.

Minharos said...

I can't believe that. I'm mad at your doctor for you! You look great so as long as you're healthy you shouldn't have to worry about it. Where did he get 28 weeks from? Everyone does and 18-20 week ultra sound. I hope you get in soon!

riggsfam said...

Ridiculous! I would have been fuming by the time I left that appointment! Besides, the pics above prove that you're looking great!

Susan said...

Being as ben is training to be a doctor himself, he found the 28 week ultrasound to be rather ridiculous sounding - he says it is really standard to do it at about 18 weeks - not for checking the gender (although that's fun too!) but to screen for all sorts of things that can go wrong - he says it's a REALLY important ultrasound and unless you heard him wrong, you should possibly consider switching doctorsr.... anyway, he told me to tell you this - I'm not trying to be annoying and a real bummer. ;)

The Richins Family said...

oh my gosh, what a rude dr. i can't believe that. i have never heard a dr have the nerve to say that to his's not like it will hurt the baby...just more for you to loose when you nurse. :) i think you look good. i remember with my third, tanner, i gained the most weight with him and i felt so huge at 5 months but then when i had tanner, i nursed it almost completely away. nursing does wonders!!!