Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is the rundown! Our flight there was pretty good except that the movie screens were down so I didn't get to watch a movie. =( The girls are really great on airplanes! We got into Utah and were met by the whole crew minus a couple of the kids and dad. It's great when we are all together. I love it! Tragedy struck as we left the airport:
It was a rainy day and Kelyn's van started hydroplaning and they spun off the road. Nobody was hurt and the van only needed a new tire. Thank goodness!! By the way, that isn't Kelyn's van in the picture. =) Haha! I ended up getting to drive Kelyn's van the rest of the way because I get car sick and she had been driving for a very long time already. We rocked out to Sons of Provo and had a grand time. Favorite song of the trip: Diddly Wack Mack Mormon Daddy for sure. =) Favorite line from the song: My testimony keeps me warm - so flippin' warm. Haha! Those are some funny songs! Dad had made burritos - my favorite - and we all just hung out for the night!
Highlights from the trip in no particular order:

*Dad took all the older girls - Alyssa and up - out to dinner and a movie. We saw Prince Caspian and I thought it was fabulous!
*We watched family home videos and I'm not in them much. But when I am, it's pretty embarrassing! I think I just did my best to stay away from the camera. =) Except when we did music videos. =) We watched all of those too. A word of warning to Mandi, Jenny R., Heidi, Amber D. and Paola - don't get on my bad side or I might just be tempted to show the world your stuff. =) I'm totally kidding - I would only do that to Brittney! =) But seriously, I wish you guys could see these videos we made way back in the day - I laughed so hard I cried. Especially the ones with Heidi. YIKES!! It was really fun to see everybody when they were little and when our family had first combined. Kind of sad to think of all the years that have gone by and to realize how fast time goes. Hannah, Joseph and Alyssa were all so tiny and now they are all 12 and up!! *sob*
* Kensi's graduation. I can't believe she's 18 and out of school! She didn't even cry! I cried with joy at my graduation. I was so happy to be done with high school and moving on! Now I sort of wish I could go back and make myself LOVE high school so that I would cry over leaving rather than being overjoyed at the thought of NEVER GOING BACK to that place again. Anyway, she did great - she looked beautiful, didn't trip even though she was wearing tall heels and she even got to wear a special rope around her neck because she was an honor student.
* All the girls went to Amber's work - CRAIGOS. It was SO yummy! They have a lunch buffet and you get salad, pizza and you get to go to a pasta bar and choose the kind of pasta and sauce. THEN they have dessert pizza. So delish.
* Me, Dad, Kelyn, Mom, Kensi and Amber (at the end) gathered for the season finale of LOST. Oh Sawyer. I love you. Jin - I refuse to believe you're gone. Ben - are you a bad guy or not? And Desmond - all I can do is PURRRRRRR. <---that's supposed to be a rolling tongue sound because he is OH SO DREAMY.
* Tessa and I got into a mini water fight - she started it of course. But the best part is when I was running away downstairs and she threw a cup of water at me from the top of the stairs and it hit the wall and all of mom's pretty stuff and her beautiful table and it was right as mom was coming up the stairs and you should have seen her face!! She kept her cool, though. =)
* They have such a fun splash park with slides and everything!! It was pretty crowded with older kids - college kids included - but it was awesome!! We also got to ride on the carousel which always terrifies Anika. =)
* Two words - DAIRY QUEEN. Probably 5 times.
* Throwing up and such * Playing at the park
* Hannah's softball game and snoasis.
* Artco. Love that place.
* The Beatles Tribute concert - Rob and Cyneil and their kids came up to Idaho for a couple days and went with us to the concert! It was so much fun!! This is the same exact concert (same people and all) that I went to in North Carolina when I was 15!! At that concert I was dancing by the front of the stage and even jumped on stage to give George a hug but a security guard literally grabbed me and THREW me off the stage! Afterwards we all waited by their dressing room and then came out and gave us guitar picks and autographs. Too bad we didn't get pics!! We tried to be groupies at this concert but we asked to late - the front was all full. We just danced like crazy on the bleachers!! We had such a great time!!

We did lots of other little things and it was just so great to be with my family. My girls love Grandma and Grandpa and all their aunts and uncle Joseph and their cousins. It was such a fun time and we were so sad to leave!! We did have a fun surprise at the Salt Lake airport- when we got off the elevator we looked up and saw Carol coming toward us and for a minute I was beyond confused!! Were we in Phoenix and she had come to see us off? Wait, she has luggage - is she going to come home with us?! It turns out that she was their for her niece's wedding and had been waiting at the airport all day for us just so she could see us and take up to lunch! It was the best surprise ever!! She got the girls a couple prizes that kept them entertained for a lot of the trip. I totally threw up on the way home - because that's what I do on airplanes and it was so great to see Nathan when we finally made it home!! He is the best and had our house scrubbed and spotless. Mom and Dad - thank you so much for letting us come stay!! We love you so much!! BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.


Susan said...

I've thrown up on an airplane a few times - ugh! I have some serious motion sickness issues. I always make sure I have the barf bag handy just in case. ;) Ben says he's nervous to ever take me on a cruise because he thinks I'll be throwing up the whole time. :/

The Allen's said...

I wish i could articulate my thoughts into words like you do. that was such a fun trip. wish you could have stayed at cousin rhondas with us.