Saturday, October 06, 2007

One Last Burst of Summer!

The past couple of weeks have been heavenly! I love the crisp, cool (but not cold!) air that comes with Fall. I love the nostalgia! I love the beautiful, colorful leaves and watching the girls jump in them! I love pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon smells! I love the hot chocolate! I love going on walks and feeling the breeze! I love the cleaning motivation that always hits me around now! I love that it's birthday season (for us) and Halloween time and Thanksgiving (almost)! I love the yummy food! I love how full my heart feels. Maybe it's the nostalgia that always gets me thinking about my life and just feeling so happy and grateful for all that I've been blessed with.

The number one thing I don't like about Fall is that Winter follows close behind. Winter definitely has it's perks too! Christmas! Family! Christmas music! Sledding and snowmen! BUT - I don't like the CONSTANT runny nose and the wealth of sickness that spreads from child to child. I don't like how barren everything feels. I hope we get more snow this year because last year it was just barren and cold - with the occasional snow shower. Anyway - I was pretty excited about how warm it's gotten the past couple of days! I LOVE IT!! Plus, Nathan said I can earn some money if I make until November without heat! SWEET!

So - a couple days ago after we dropped Anika off at school, we came through the gate just as Saul was turning on the sprinklers so Kes got to have one last wet and wild sprinkler fest! Here are some pictures!

AND here is a video of her after her jaunt through the sprinklers!

AND here are a couple more with all the animals. I pick those things up a MILLION times a day!

Anika is loving every minute of preschool! She is so funny when I ask her how her day was and try to get info from her. She usually says " I had SO much fun!" and then I'll ask her what she did and she'll say "lot's of fun stuff". On the way home the other day she was singing a song and I asked her if she learned it at school and she said "yeah" and I said "what other songs do you sing?" and she said "Um... the cutest songs that you ever singed!" Haha! She's cracks me up. =) Kes is doing much better! Maybe it's not so bad to hang out with dear old mommy after all. =)

Well - enjoy your weekend and if you are watching General Conference - enjoy that!! There were some great talks today. =)


Mom said...

Such cute pics---and the video was darling! Thanks for helping us to see the girls in action. We are missing so much of their growing up, yet you do a wonderful job of showing us what we are missing and we feel involved somehow =) Those little girlies are so precious and cute!!!!!! We miss and love all of you!!!!!

The Allen's said...

Sometimes kes and isaac look alike to me. They are such cutie girls. One month...

Tairi said...

Your girls are so dang cute. I am jealous of the weather you get to enjoy! I love the snow

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Hi Brittanie!!
ooh! what cute pics!! your kids are ADORABLE!!
I haven't watched General conference yet(I know,bad I recorede it so I will watch it soon :-)
xo Britt

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

*recorded* lol

Whetten Family said...

LOVE her camo pants! Adorable!

Wes Dyer said...

I love those beautiful sunny sprinkler days!! I am glad Anika likes preschool.

The Richins Family said...

that video of kess is so cute. she loves water. she's so cute.