Thursday, October 18, 2007



* 28 years old!!
* my very best friend.
* an AMAZING daddy.
* a great conversationalist.
* a VERY hard worker.
* smart as all get out.
* hilarious!!
* the best laugher.
* a 3rd year dental student.
* a lover of candy.
* a lover of music.
* a total hottie.
* a huge help around the house and with the girls.
* very patient.
* fun to watch funny movies with because he has the BEST laugh!
* a pro tennis player (on the wii)
* great at quoting movies or tv shows - even if he's only seen it once!
* not very good with directions. =)
* an artist.
* very money smart. A total budget man.
* realistic.
* funny about cream cheese.
* very encouraging and supportive.
* totally habit free. I'm not kidding - he doesn't bite his nails, pick his nose, chew with his mouth open or anything!!
* so cute with babies.
* hoping to have a SHAR-PEI someday. (not happening)
* very clean.
* my confidant.

And there you have it folks! 28 things about my cute hubby - 1 thing for each year he's been alive! We'd be lost without him!! I LOVE YOU NATHAN!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to you Nathan! How fun! I'm curious about the cream cheese thing. :)

Wes Dyer said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! And what a very sweet list Brittnie =)!!

The Allen's said...

The day is not up!!!!!!!! at least not here. What a slacker I have been for birthdays. NAthan please forgive me. I am gonna bring you something very nice when me and the boys come out for my inability to call and wish you a happy day. Technically it is still the 18th. I hope you had a super day and we love you and are super excited to come out and play settlers and hang out with your super cute family. Love you!!

The Allen's said...

And I must add all those things you said are true. I especially agree with the conversationalist thing and the laughing at movies thing. he sure is funny to be around. love you guys. are you gonna email me??

riggsfam said...

Very fun! Happy b-day!

Cam and Afton West said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN.....No we didnt forget about you....we have had a b-day card to mail out for you for several days now, and every time weve left the house, weve forgotten it! Oh well. Better late than never right? Well try to mail it off soon.....otherwise you can get it at Christmas!

Brittney said...

Oh I love Nath!!!!! Happy Birthday Nathan. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. I am still so jealous that you guys are already almost done with dental school and we havent even begun. WAAAA!!!! Well love you guys and have a splendiforous day:)

The Richins Family said...

happy birthday!

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

happy happy birthday to mr. nathan! (I LOVE THE WII p.s.)