Saturday, October 13, 2007


My little miss turned 2 today!! It's so weird to me! I look back and these past two years are a BLUR! It went so fast and now she's a walking, talking toddler! We love her so much.

She's had a crazy, spread out birthday! She had a little playgroup party last Wednesday. Yesterday, we went and ate a special birthday lunch with daddy at school. Today we did presents and tomorrow is cake and ice-cream. I get a little more organized when they turn 3. =)

Here are some pictures from our "pumpkin head/birthday party" playgroup and from today. I know - I'm not the best photographer in the world and I'm way too tired to go edit them. =) I'll probably post some more tomorrow when we do the cake!

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Keslie has her 2-year check-up on Monday so I'll be sure to give the full report.

At 2 years old she loves:
BABIES, dressing up and dancing, picking up Anika (EEKA) from school, FRUIT SNACKS, singing, reading books, playing hide and seek, coloring, playdough, swinging on the swings, Nemo, Teletubbies, The Wiggles and snuggling.

We can't imagine life without our Keslie. She is so much fun and brings so much laughter into our home. I really like this mom stuff a-lot! =)


Brittney said...

Yay Happy Birthday Kes!!! She is so flipping cute I cant handle it. I cant wait to see you guys at Christmas. It is too far away though:) I hope she has had such a great day well week I should say. Thats always the best when it spreads out like that. Love you!

Mindy P. said...

She's so cute! It's not just you, these past two years have flown. I totally remember when you had her and I remember us nursing our babies at church. That seems like yesterday and yet so long ago. Hope you guys have a good day tomorrow.

jill s said...

she is such a doll!!

happy birthday keslie!!


lnkmom said...

Happy Big #2 Kes!!!! Thanks for letting us help her celebrate on Wed.!

riggsfam said...

She is such a doll! Looks like lots of fun!

The Allen's said...

ahhhh! what a jerk i am. the last few days have been such a blur. how could i not have called that susie and said happy day of birth to her. you probably think me so inconsiderate. (maybe just i do?) anyways. happy day to her. I have tried to call but you are probably doing cake. I love her and all of her cute ways. see you guys in a little and i will give her a birthday kiss and squeeze. love you.

The Gordon Clan said...

Happy Birthday Kes! We love you! I can't believe she is already 2 - boy that went fast. What a cutie!

Q & A said...

Happy birthday to your DARLING little girl. Time sure flies, doesn't it. Her party looks like it was so fun. Love their painted pumpkins!

Wes Dyer said...

That looks like a fabulous birthday party!! She is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Keslie!!!

Skinners said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe she is two. It seriously seems like yesterday that Seth was there interviewing, you just had her and had to go to the hospital during the night! Wow how time flies!!!!

The Richins Family said...

happy birthday! she's too cute.