Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random Pictures

Here are some fun pictures from March and April 2012. I need to do some serious updates on my kids but that will have to wait until after our move. =) 

Anika & Sawyer right before our spring break trip to San Antonio.

We went to lunch with Nathan and Brenan was SO happy to be hanging out with his daddy!

On our way home from San Antonio Brenan puked all over his old car seat and I couldn't figure out how to get the cover off of it. That was all the push I needed to put his in a booster! He was thrilled to be big like his sisters. 

These just make me laugh!

Anika got glasses. She hardly ever wears them. Bless her for choosing a super expensive pair!

The girls love to play with Sawyer! This was before she was ALL OVER THE PLACE - she would not stay this still anymore. 

Brenan wanted me to take a picture of his dragon shirt but refused to smile. Haha!

Starting to get some pudge! This was back in March.

Bren LOVES his baby.

Kes lost another tooth!


This picture still makes me laugh! I went in to check on my girls before bed and found Anika like this. What a goofball! Haha!

Brenan's favorite thing to do is play geotrax. 

Hahahahahahaha! Poor Sawyer!

Brenan's second favorite thing to do is play crash with his cars. He tries to get as many cars as possible piled up on his little ramp thing. 

Nathan went to the girl's open house back in March and they got to show off all their classrooms and all their fun work. Keslie was VERY proud! She is quite the star student. They earn "paws" throughout the year and she is one out of 2 kids that have earned more than 10 (she's on 20!). 

Here are a couple from Anika's room:

Sawyer is crazy! She started rolling over (front to back and back to front) at 1.5 months. Once she discovered she could roll she didn't last long in the bouncer! 

Brenan loves to play starfall. 

Here is Sawyer at 4 months. I'll do a more in depth update on her VERY soon! She is almost 6 months! 

We hate fire ants. That's just one bite. Imagine Keslie's foot last summer when she had 48 bites! Yikes!

Waiting patiently for their crepes on conference Sunday morning!

Chillin' in the bumbo. 

Brenan didn't want solids until he was 6.5 months. Sawyer was grabbing at our food by 4 months so we went ahead and got her started. She loves sweet potatoes and green beans and hates peas (but she'll tolerate them because she is like her mama and can't say no to food!).

Anika likes to take millions of pictures with my phone. Here is one of Sawyer and me.

Anika pushed Sawyer all over the house in the tonka truck and Sawyer just chilled like this the whole time. They are so cute!

That's it for my random photo catch up! Next up: Our trip to San Antonio, Brenan's tonsillectomy, Mother's Day, our 10 year anniversary, and buying a house! Hooray!! 


Heather O'Brien said...

Ok, I need to read blogs more often. Maybe even update my own :). You guys are so cute. Loved reading and catching up. Miss you guys!

Mandi said...

I loved your random pictures! I can't wait to be invited over to a BBQ at your new house. (aren't I assuming?!) I am so excited for you! I can't wait to get together in any form. It used to be at least a year and now 2 months seems too long! I love your babies and you a LOT! Happy moving sweet friend!