Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I'm going to do a quick break down of the past several months so that I can get caught up and start blogging again! So much has been going on and I don't want to forget any of it.

August ended with a bang when Mom and Dad West came for a visit! We finally went and saw the cattle drive (or The Fort Worth Herd) in downtown Fort Worth. It's the only cattle drive that runs twice a day every day of the year - rain or shine! We were pretty excited to see all the longhorns and the real cowboys. We now affectionately refer to the cattle drive as "the stampede" because that is EXACTLY opposite of what it was. We died laughing as the 9 or so longhorn strolled on by us. I'm still glad we went - I love the "old west" feel of that area. I always get the itch to buy me some cowboy boots and a hat and sing 'whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack away'. And now I'm feeling the itch to watch Calamity Jane! Anyway, the girls had fun riding some ponies and for about 2 minutes I thought it would be fun if they became interested in horses and we could buy a couple (someday). Then I snapped out of it and realized it would be WAY too much work for me and that we will stick with things that don't poop all over the place and attract flies. Haha! The rest of the weekend we just hung out and relaxed which is just what we all wanted to do. This past summer was terribly hot and I was big and pregnant so it was nice to just be together.

Papa, Anika, and Keslie

The Herd

I had a big "30th birthday" post planned but never got around to doing it. I don't know why but I was not excited about turning 30. It ended up being a great birthday and I got to celebrate for 4 days straight! Nathan took me on a date to Outback Steakhouse where I feasted on delicious steak and coconut shrimp. The best part was when the waiter came over to our table with my free dessert and he said that I would have to work to get it. He brought it to the very front of the restaurant and then came back and gave me a baby rattle and made me shake it and yell "It's my birthday!" as I went to get my treat. SO embarrassing but I REALLY wanted it so I did it! Haha! Here we are at Outback and I have a handsome husband. =)
And we took a pregnant picture that didn't turn out so great - but here I am at about 28 weeks.
The next day Mandi and Steve and their kids came for birthday cake.

M&M and Me - I'm very lucky to have a friend like her.
Our crazy kids.
On Pinterest I found an ice cream cake recipe that I had been dreaming of so I made that one for our Sunday celebrations. Look at all this delicious candy!!
My good friend, Stephanie, and I share a birthday so we had to celebrate together!
Stephanie and Jeff
Playing Settlers of Catan and LOVING it!
And the ugly shot - because what is a blog post without one of these?!

On my birthday my kids and Nathan all gave me a little gift. They were so excited and so was I! Afterwards we met up with Stephanie and Jeff at IHOP and it was delicious. Then we came home and I got to embark on my "day alone'. I know, I'm weird, but I just wanted some "me" time. I went and saw Harry Potter and then took myself to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and shopped at Charming Charlies and the furniture store. It was a great day - the only bad thing was locking my keys in the car out in Arlington and Nathan having to come save me. =)

The West super hero squad!
His lips are SO kissable!
And that's about it for September!


Susan said...

I haven't played Settlers in AGES! Love that game! I love seeing these prego pictures... super cute!! :)

THE O'BRIENS said...

How did I miss this post? I miss you! Come back!