Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Escape, Olsen, and Thanksgiving

I'm going to go way, way, way, back to November! It was only a month and a half ago but it already seems like it's been ages. We had a lot of fun in November and a lot of that fun was had with the Soters! Somehow it worked out for me to be able to go on a girl's weekend escape with Mandi and what a fun escape we had! There are a million reasons why I love Mandi. She is my "Diana" and I know I can be ME and she will love me no matter what. We had a good laugh when we saw our FANCY hotel! (Note to self: do NOT ever go below 3 or 4 stars on Priceline!) Hahaha! There were HAIRS on our pillows!
And brick walls (it gave our room quite the rustic feel).
We quickly set off for a night of fun! We went out to eat at Chili's because when have we ever NOT eaten at Chili's when we've been together?! Then we went to a theater to see if anything good was playing. There wasn't so we headed back to the car with an extra wiggle in our hips because the bus full of teenage boys was TOTALLY checking us out! =) At least we like to think they were. =) With not many other options we headed to the next obvious place - H.E.B. - where we took weird, random pictures with Pillow Pets:
And as many cans of beans as we could carry:
And then we sneakily took a picture on this police segway and then ran away with the sounds of H.E.B. employees laughing at us in the background!
THEN we did a little cruising, singing, and dancing through downtown Austin until our eyes started to droop. The next day was spent shopping at the outlets! We had fun and spent money (just a little!) until our feet hurt. The best part was when my friend, Kelli, caught us taking pictures. I don't mind sharing them on my blog but it's a little awkward to get caught in the act! It was right as we were climbing into this thing:
We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, visited Brooke and baby Olsen at the hospital, and then went and saw Megamind that night. It was a glorious weekend and I was sad when it was over.

The rest of the family needed to see Olsen so we headed over to Austin the next weekend. He is SO cute and sweet! We are so happy for Brooke and Scott!
Nathan and Scott rode off into the sunset in their new go-cart. I think it's funny how Scott has his arm around Nathan! They were so hilarious making plans to get houses next door and have a big go-cart track in the backyard. We'll see if that ever happens!

We spent Thanksgiving up in Dallas with Steve and Mandi. It was so fun to hang out in the kitchen with her and make the feast! I don't think I'll ever be able to eat regular turkey again. Their bishop smoked our turkey for us and it was delicious!

We did some serious Black Friday shopping! We went to Toy's R Us around 8:30 pm. I expected the wait to be like last year but we were in by 10:30 (store opened at 10) and out by 11. It was amazing! We scooted on over to Walmart to stake out our stuff and at midnight we went crazy just like everyone else and managed to get most of the things we wanted. We had a couple hours to spare before Target opened so we went to eat at IHOP. That was delicious and woke us up a bit. Target was super fast too! It was the best Black Friday experience I've ever had. =)
Here we are - excited as can be for our LONG night!
AND here we are several hours later while sitting at IHOP! Haha!

Look how pretty the leaves were!

Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving Steve and Mandi!!
Next up: DECEMBER!!

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