Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brenan is TWO!!

Here he is all bright eyed and bushy tailed on his birthday morning! That's right - His Royal Cuteness is a TWO YEAR OLD!! One of my favorite ages ever. I seriously can't get enough of this little dude. He was thrilled to open his presents from Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa!

He got a haircut, played with his speech helper, Brenda, and chillaxed with his sister in the morning.

He went to the park and helped make a birthday cake in the afternoon.
He blew out the candles (more like huffed them out)!

And then he chowed down!

We are so lucky to have this little boy. He is such an angel and so easygoing and fun! I can't stand how cute he is and pretty much want to eat him up for dinner. I'll say "That's it!! It's time to get eaten" and he'll die laughing and run because he knows I'm about to munch on his cute bones. I love him SO much.

Updates on Brenan - at 2 years old he:

*Weighs 30 lbs 4oz
* is 37 inches long and 100th percentile- the Dr. thinks he'll be between 6'2'' and 6'4''!
*LOVES cars! It's all the kid plays with!
*Is becoming very independent and wants to do things without my help.
* Is starting to talk a little bit more and puts more than one word together. His "yeah" has evolved - he used to say LAHHHH! with tons of energy and now it's neah which is tough cause it sounds like Nah (no) but he's really saying yes. He says "Dada go?" and "I want dada".
*He loves to drink his milk out of the cereal bowl.
*He loves squishing bugs - pretty opposite from his big sisters who go out of their way to save them (even evil ones like wasps!).
*He loves to help with putting away the laundry.
*He is an EXCELLENT sleeper. He never cries when we lay him down and he never cries when he wakes up. He just plays until we come in to get him. He still takes 3 hour naps and sleeps from 7-7 at night! Good boy!
*He loves to watch Thomas the Train - he calls it "choo chooo".
*He's discovered markers and if he ever gets a hold of them he will color on anything in his path - especially his hands and belly!
*He is SO smart.
*When Nathan and I brush our teeth he runs in and wants to brush his. I usually lean against the wall and cross my left foot over my right leg. He always stands exactly like I do. Nathan and I tested it one day and if we would change our stance he would copy it and stand however we did. It is SO cute!
*Every night for the bedtime routine we sing a song right before the prayer. He always starts pounding his fist on his hand because he LOVES the song Book of Mormon stories.
*As soon as the song is over he kneels down just like his daddy and usually will stay that way through the whole prayer. He's 2 so occasionally he'll get distracted and start jumping around!

I've got to be better at writing down the things he says and does. I can't believe my baby is a full blown toddler! I have enjoyed every minute of his life. He's been such a sweet baby.

Your Mama loves you, Mr. Brenaman!


Tim and Jennifer said...

I just told Tim today how cute I thought he was! What a good looking boy! And 3 hour naps? Hello, send that magic this way!

Jenny G said...

No way is he 2! He's super cute! I really wish he and Sally could play...