Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm back from Texas!! I found us a really cute home with a BIG YARD and 4 BEDROOMS! WAHOO!!! We are really excited about it. The lease is a little intense - definitely not what we are used to. Hilda and Saul have been like family - we won't ever even meet our new landlord. He does everything through a real estate agency. We are responsible for all minor repairs and all yard maintenance. The equipment isn't even provided! We've got some big expenditures coming up this summer.

* Moving costs
* Refrigerator
* Lawn mower
* Weed wacker
* Washer and dryer - unless we can get ours fixed (keeping our fingers crossed!!)
* VAN! ( I admit it. I'm excited about this purchase.)

AND a million other little things that come with moving. YIKES!! I don't have pictures of our new place yet but I will take some when we get there. I LOVED Texas and it makes it even better that Brooke and Scott are there! Brenan loved chillin' with his cousins. Here he is with Drew!


The kids colored eggs with their friend Wyatt.

Attended the annual playgroup Easter Egg Hunt.
Had fun finding eggs and Easter baskets that the silly Easter bunny left.

Dressed in their Easter outfits! We broke these out early this year for Jordan's wedding. I know - I am SUCH a good photographer!!! =)

Mom - this one is for you. Here is some of the art work that Anika has done with the bendaroos!

Best bread ever. It's as soft as store bread. It's my mom's recipe and it's SOOOOO GOOD!!
Didn't it turn out pretty?!
Here is the recipe for you - but I don't know how you'd do it without a bosch or some sort of mixer. You definitely can't hand knead this stuff. It's WAY too sticky!!

Makes 4 loaves

6 Cups hot water - about 115 degrees
3/4 cup canola oil
3/4 cup honey
1 Tbs. salt

Run mixer for 30 seconds then add:

4-5 cups whole wheat flour
3 Tbs. yeast
1/4 cup wheat gluten

Run mixer for 30 seconds - it will be a cake batter consistency. Now start adding bread flour or white flour until it pulls away from the bottom/sides. I think I usually add another 5 cups of flour. Run your mixer until you can take a glob of dough (your hands will need to be nice and oily!) and stretch it. If it makes a thin "window" (picture stretched out bubble gum) but doesn't make a hole it's ready. If not - mix for a few more minutes and then try again. Sorry if that doesn't make sense - it's hard to describe it with words!

Next you will need to pour some canola oil on the counter and spread it out. Now pick up your huge glob of dough and smack it down on the counter a few times. Cut into 4 loaf sized blobs and place them in your greased bread pans. My pans are 12 inches long and they make the perfect sized loaves. I think 4 is a bit much so I'll usually make 2 loaves and then use the rest for cinnamon rolls or bread sticks or something.

Now it's time for rising! You can do it the long way - let them rise on your counter for 45 min. to an hour or you can do it the fast way - set your oven to it's lowest setting and place the bread in for 20 minutes then just turn up the oven to 350 degrees (you don't need to remove the bread while it heats up). Bake for about 30 minutes. I don't think it makes much difference - I've done it both ways and the bread is always delicious. After you remove the bread you can spread some butter over the top - this will make the crust nice and soft.

Now just spread some jelly or butter or cinnamon/sugar butter (even better!!) on a nice thick slice and enjoy!! This bread is soft enough it can be used for sandwiches! YAY!!

Have a great week!!

P.S. Has anyone seen 17 Again yet?? I think it looks SO cute. I'm thinking I might need to put together a girl's night this week and go see it!!


DadStan said...

I am so excited for you. I love moving. It is rejuvenating. I look forward to seeing pictures of the new house. You certainly deserve all that is happening to you. Brennan just keeps getting cuter. He looks more like me every day. Enjoy your move. Dad

The Allen's said...

kens and britt went and saw 17 again and said they loved it. i wish i could go on a girls night with you. i loved anikas just got up in the morning easter picture. ooh i could just squeeze her.

Mandi said...

Hello dearest! I am so excited for you about Texas! Can I just tell you that you are amazing to me. The thought of flying to the unknown, by myself, to look for a new house makes me feel like I need to lay down. You go girl! You definitely need to post some pics of your new place. I'm sorry to have missed your call this morning! I am dying to call you back, but I am trying to make it at a time that will hopefully be good for you and hopefully my kids won't be screaming in the background. I may just call you anyway because who knows when all of that will perfectly come together? I love you! Super cute pics of my second babies! I definitely agree by the way that Brenan is a total mix of both girls. He is squeezy! Love you!

Amber said...

I am glad you found a nice big house!! That is great! And have fun van shopping! YOu will love it!

Brittney said...

Oh my I miss you and your fam. Brennan is so flipping cute and I have to say he looks just a bit more like Kes to me:) AND I went and saw 17 again with Kensi and oh my gosh I want to see it again!!!!! it is so good and so cute!!! You will love it. It is pretty funny too. AND way to go making moms bread. You are one talented girl! Someday I will make homemade bread. If only I was amazing like you:) Love you Britt. OH and I am so glad you guys found a place in Texas. I can not wait to see it!!!

Lea said...

Good luck with the move to TX! Your kids look so cute in their Easter outfits-my boys wore the same vest as Brennan. You just can't go wrong with orange. The bread looks yummy, can't wait to make some! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Bryan said...

That's awesome that you guys found a place! Texas is one of my top three favorite states. You'll love it!