Monday, April 06, 2009

AZ Fun!!

I have become such a slacker. I'm not a very good blogger anymore. We had a wonderful time in AZ in March! We went for Jordan and Marshall's wedding. It was beautiful and they look great together! Marshall is in great standing with the girls - he went swimming with them one night when no one else would and they will love him forever because of it. We are so happy for Jordan and Marshall! Being married is so fun!

My little sister, Kelyn had her 3rd baby on the 14th of March! Perfect timing! I was able to go hold him at the hospital and he is SO sweet and cute and tiny (at least he was! he's already gained almost 3 pounds! Go Logan!!). I love this picture of Kelyn and Logan. She is such a good mommy.

Brenan got sick while we were there! Go figure. His first time ever getting sick is while we are on vacation! We even had to take him to the hospital!
We celebrated Isaac's birthday at the park! He's such a cute, little dude! Here is a cousin shot! Left to right - Isaac, Baby Logan, Samuel, Brayton, Raylee, Anika, Brenan, Keslie.
We visited Grannie and Papa. The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Coco the dog. I don't know if the feeling was mutual! The girls got to help make monkey bread with Grannie. They had so much fun and the monkey bread was so good! We gobbled it right up! It's always so nice to go over and visit with Grannie and Papa. I love their home - it's full of memories and they always make me feel so loved.

Look at how big Brenan looks! He is almost 1/3 the size of Gran!That bike is the coolest. We went and visited Grammy and Aunt Jolee a couple times too! Grammy is such a champ. She broke her foot and she still does EVERYTHING! When we got there she had just been cleaning the porch and moving the chairs around! WHAT?!! I just loved visiting with them. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Grammy with Brenan.
Grammy gave the girls a ride around on her wheelchair. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. They spent the rest of the time terrorizing their poor cat!

This cute little boy is Devvon! He is Chris and Stephanie's oldest. We had the traditional "cousin playgroup" while I was there. Mandi and I brought our kids over to Heidi's and spent the day. It was great to see those girls. I loved looking at all the beautiful things people have given in honor of Jersey and I was so happy to finally get to hug Heidi.

Here are the "best friends"!
Here are the girl cousins on the West side. Anika and Kes love Carolyne. They all became such great buddies the last couple days we were there. We had fun watching BOLT at Afton's parents house. They have a full on movie theater in their basement! Pretty cool! And I LOVED BOLT!
I am SO mad I didn't get a shot with all the West cousins! Next time! I stole a couple pictures of the kids off of Afton's blog! =)
They love playing in the sand at the park by Nana and Papa's house!Taylor, Carolyne, and Drew!
Nathan got to go to the zoo with everyone. The kids and I had to miss out on that fun activity but here is proof that Nathan was in AZ! Thanks again Afton!

Anika loves babies. Here she is with Logan.
BIG baby
LITTLE baby.Super Duper CUTE babies!

Logan really wanted to Wrestle!
Grandma Kivett was in town to help Kelyn so we got to see her a couple times!
Thanks Mom and Dad West for making the trip to AZ possible! We love you guys so much!


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

You know it's been way too long since your last blog when Anika looks like she's grown about a foot! And that little, big, guy is so stinkin cute. He looks like he's about to take off running across the room! Glad you got to go home and visit.

Mike and Jen said...

Britt! Looks like you had a great time in AZ. You are so obbessed with BOLT. It makes me laugh haha.

AASKH said...

Looks like you all had such a great trip! I had such a great time at your book club and I LOVED the book! Good choice! (also thanks for making me feel cool by adding me to your list of friends. I love you friend!)

Amber said...

what a fun trip! how neat to be there when kyln had her baby. he is adorable! i love your hair britt!!!

Macey Kay said...

Looks like a blast!