Saturday, December 20, 2008


YOU KNOW the girls are outside lovin' it right at this moment!! I was with them for awhile but I am still an AZ girl at heart and I just didn't have enough layers on. I don't like to be cold!!! My toes are still defrosting!

These pictures crack me up. The way they are posing makes them look like a couple - I think Nathan and I have this exact picture!

I couldn't get Keslie to look at the camera again - she was too intent on licking the snow off of Anika's hat. =)


Anonymous said...

Britanie- Your babies are absolutely beaurtiful! We were shocked to see that you had another one! We are so out of the loop! I truly love the blogspot! What a great way to share your days. Congratulations to your family Brenan is absolutely adorable! Merry Christmas! Love, Stephanie Moore

Susan said...

Hooray for snow! We're excited to go visit Utah soon to see it. My girlies can't wait! I love Anika and Keslie's little red noses and cheeks. :)

Natasha Rhinehart said...

Brittanie, your 3 kids are so cute! I love their big smiles and funny poses--reminds me a little of you :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!! I'll be thinking of you in our snowless, mildly cool AZ temps :)

Tessa said...

Britt thanks for your comment on my blog! it helped tons! this whole sorting out the life thing is a lot tougher than I ever gave it credit for. thats for sure! I love you! give all your kids a love for me!