Monday, October 13, 2008

Keslie is 3!!!

Our sweet Keslie turned 3 today!! It is amazing how fast the time has gone. We had a really fun day! When I asked her if she wanted a party she said "No - I just want to hang out with all of you guys (Anika, Daddy, Me) and go out to eat!". She chose Chuck E. Cheese's - of course. =)

We started off the day with pancakes and pumpkin cookies (at her request).

Actually, she opened her presents before breakfast so that Daddy could watch. Anika had just woken her up and she was a little out of it! Anika was ever so helpful. She picked up Keslie's hand and guided her along. =)

Here she is in her new big girl carseat!
We painted toes

Then we went to the Westmoor Park to see the animals and go for a walk. AND get eaten alive by mosquitoes!!

Beautiful Autumn!!

A couple of the big sister! Anika was all about posing today!!

We ate with our friends at Chuck E. Cheese's! The girls had a ball and won 112 tickets and they both chose a squishy bug and temporary tatoos. =)

We ended the night with birthday cake!!

Being a mom is the most amazing experience of my life. To love someone else so completely is a feeling that is REALLY hard to explain. My girls are a part of me. Watching them grow up is so fun but it kind of gives me a heart pang. It's a bittersweet feeling. I want them to stay little but love each new stage so much! Keslie is an angel. She's sweet (with just enough sass). She's hilarious. She's cheesy as can be. She has the cutest voice imaginable and says the funniest things. She has the most kissable cheeks and is so fun to snuggle with (except for that crazy hair!! It can be bothersome when it tickles my nose and I'm trying to sleep!). She LOVES Anika! We just love her so much and wouldn't be complete without her!! I'm so grateful to be her mom and I'm looking forward to the fun we're going to have with her over the next year!!

Show some love people! Leave a comment with your favorite Keslie memory or just a Happy Birthday!! I'll read them all to her and she'll love it!!


LJAandB said...

Happy Birthday to Keslie! I remember when you guys moved in and you were pregnant and so cute. I also remember what a cute baby she was and that voice is the best. I always wanted a voice like that.

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Happy Birthday Kes-i-lie! I think you're real cute and we miss you.

Susan said...

Keslie! I've never met you, but I love you. :) Happy Birthday! And your mom is doing such a cute job doing your hair - you look like a princess everyday! :)

Fred and Meili said...

Happy Birthday Keslie! Her hair is unbelievable!! It looks awesome!

Mindy P. said...

She is adorable!! I totally remember when you had her. Happy Birthday!

lnkmom said...

Happy Birthday Kes!!!!!!!!!

I'm kinda bummed she didn't want Mr. N. to come to her fab. party! Next year!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Keslie!! Your hair looks really pretty!

Cherie Webb said...

Wow!! and wow again! I can't believe how big your girls are. Actually I don't think I've ever even seen Keslie. Anika is HUGE! In my mind she should still only be a year old! Wow.