Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to THE MAN!!

That's right folks! Nathan has entered the last year of being in his 20's!! He turned 29 on Saturday!
We sure love him! In Keslie's words: "He's a pretty cool good guy". =) Poor guy started getting sick on his birthday and had a full-blown cold by Sunday. We did our best to spoil him on Saturday and let him sleep in really late and then we had a fun breakfast. Afterwards, we went to a pumpkin festival, then took a nap and then we left the girls with a friend and went on a date! It was fabulous!

We did his cake on Sunday and so he is sick in this picture and just pretending to blow out the candles. =) I'm always super fancy with our birthday cakes. =)

I feel so lucky to have him. He really is a dream come true and I thank my lucky stars that he's mine!! We love you Nathan!!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! What's going on with that cake? You ate some of it first?

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! Why can't the whole cake have frosting?

Garling Ranch said...

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