Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Indy. I love you!

Yes. I'm sitting at the computer at 8 AM watching movie trailers. The girls are busy pretending to be puppy and master - so here I sit. I am SO excited for these ones:

Does this get anyone else's heart a pumpin'?

I loved the first Batman and this one looks like it will be just as awesome! Heath Ledger is SO scary as The Joker. And Christian Bale - I've loved him since he was Jack Sullivan in Newsies!

I am such a sucker for these fantasy movies. Can't wait for this one:

This one looks really cute:

And lastly - Jack Black won me over with Nacho Libre. Hopefully this one will be as fun!

K - girls are DONE being puppies and are now begging for an apple. I better start being productive! G'bye!

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Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing those movie clips. I too am way excited about the Indy one, it looks awesome!! I'm such a movie buff, but since I've had kids I don't seem to get to the theatre as much as I used to...oh well, Caleb provides a lot of entertainment for me!