Monday, February 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

So, I think that we have all gotten really comment lazy lately. Myself included. I like to consider myself "in touch" with a lot of you but when we aren't commenting back and forth it hardly counts. So - I promise to recommit myself to commenting more often. And if you are visiting my blog then say hi!! I don't care who you are - relative, friend or lurker!!

If you've been reading my blog from the beginning you will recognize this picture from Anika's potty training days! It's such a jewel I had to use it again!! So, 2 days ago while I was in the kitchen I heard Anika run in to use the bathroom. A few minutes later I headed that way to make sure things were under control (we have a hand washing obsession in our house right now. I shouldn't complain - but is it too much to ask that they not get soap puddles all over the sink??!). I ran into Kes halfway there and she had her diaper off and her pants down to her ankles. She turned around and ran back to her little pink toilet and started talking about potty. I had her stand up and sure enough she had gone! All by herself! I guess her and Anika are potty buddies now. She hasn't gone again. We put her in panties and had a few accidents so we went back to the diapers. Now that I know she can do it I really just want to get it done. But I don't REALLY want to do it! Potty training is such a pain. =)

I keep trying to upload videos but I google video uploader isn't working for me and the blogger video thing is SO DARN SLOW. Does anyone know of any other good video uploader places?? They have such cute little voices!

Anika is such a chatter box!! I think I've pretty much decided that we are going to put her in Kindergarten next year! YIKES!! I feel like it's the end of an era. I'm not ready for her to be gone all day! I guess I have 6 more months. She is so sweet. I was so proud of her on Sunday when her primary teacher told me how reverent she was! She asked me if she could take her home because she is such a sweetheart! She's been having a hard time seeing her clothes be handed down to Keslie lately. She says "I don't want to get bigger because then I won't play wiff toys anymore! I just want to get littler!" But then she starts talking about getting married. Today our conversation in the car went like this: "When I get a liddle bit bigger and Connor gets a liddle bit bigger we can get married in a liddle kid temple and have liddle kid rings!" Everything is said with an exclamation point! She's so cute. When she sings the ITSY BITSY spider she says " the ipsy dipsy spider...".

Kes is at such a cute stage! She is saying so much and it's adorable! I've gotta get these videos uploaded!! It is so cute listening to her put together words and say full sentences. She is obsessed with the Olivia books! Both her and Anika have them memorized. If you haven't read them you should check em' out!

I watched the Oscars last night because I love the red carpet!! HOW CAN I GET TICKETS??

* Should I star in a movie?? Can anyone get me a part?? =)
* Start designing?
* Singing? Miley Cyrus actually presented - What is that all about???
* Maybe I need to send in an essay to Oprah and win her red carpet contest!

Anyway, wish me luck on that!


Susan said...

You're so amusing Brittanie - this was a funny post. That's a bummer about the videos not uploading - I use a lot - I really like it! And that's so exciting about Anika starting Kindergarten soon!!! I'm sure she'll just LOVE it!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Wow, Kesley is so ahead of Jack. Still not even once for that little stinker three years and 3 months old boy. Congratulations...I guess :)

jill s said...

i use youtube! :)

and i'm always here


The Gordon Clan said...

I check out your blog almost every day! So, you can always be assured that I am here lurking with Jill. :-) We love and miss you guys. Give your liddle girlies a hug!

Anonymous said...

Four more day until I can be there when things happen instead of reading about them. Your the best. Talk to you soon

Brittney said...

Oh my I miss you guys!!! And I am still laughing about the ipsy dipsy spider!!! That is awesome!!! I watched the red carpet thing too and off and on the academy awards but some of it I didnt care about. But I have been trying to download movies too on blogger and it isnt working at all and I am so mad cuz I have some that I NEED to post:) and by the way I comment way more on yours then you do on mine. So you cant hassle me but I can hassle you:) love you

lnkmom said...

Ok, I'll comment!

Yay for Kesley! Nathan is doing things on his own too, maybe we will get a break on our second PTing tries!

When you find a good way to upload video, let me know! I haven't posted a single video yet. It just takes tooooooooooo long.

Tim & Amy said...

Good luck on the red carpet. I am just a weird lurker here... thought I'd say hi! :o)

You crack me up! Hope life is good for you guys!

Amber said...

Good luck with the potty training!
I use YouTube to download my videos.
How old is Anika?? I thought she was 5. I am having a hard time with Jacob going to Kindergarten. It is hard for me to see my babies grow up. But when I was younger, like Anika, I did not want to grow up.

Macey Kay said...

Hey Brittanie-I am totally diggin' your blog-your fam is so cute.

Heidi Ann said...

Don't put Anika is kindergarden yet, here and Tater will be a year apart!! NO! You're suppose to consult me about things like this! I would so much rather potty train than deal with sick, cranky, feverish, screaming, unconsolable teething babies!