Friday, January 11, 2008

Resolutions and Shtuff.

I know - these are a little late in coming!

My goals for 2008:

* Be as cheesy as possible!
* Say things OUT LOUD that should be kept silent.
* Eat lots and love every second of it!!
* Go on lots of girl's nights!!
* Make out with Nathan!!
* Kiss my girls sweet, little cheeks as much as I possibly can!
* Read lots of books!
* Spend money!
* Take gobs of pictures!
* Play games with people and always be the winner!

Pretty tough, right??!! =) I know. Those are the goals I wish I could make because they would be so darn easy to accomplish!! =)

Here are some of my real goals:

* Keep going to my kick boxing class in the mornings (6AM!!)
* Make healthier meals
* Build up our food storage and other emergency preparedness items
* Keep my nice voice intact even when I want to yell and scream.
* Remember birthdays
* Organize my pictures
* Scan old pictures into the computer
* Bear my testimony more often
* Figure out if I have a talent and then develop it.
* Be better at my calling in church
* Potty train Kes

I don't feel too overwhelmed by these goals so I'm excited!! =)

Other things on my mind:

We got our new camera and scanner/printer last night!! Our Sony camera broke while we were on vacation so Nathan researched cameras and finally decided on this one! We got a great deal because we bought the camera with the printer for only $50 more and the printer is normally $150 all by itself! PRETTY SWEET!! So here it is:

* I'm a tired girl today. We had book club last night and I stayed just a tidge too late and then when I got home I was in a gabby mood so I kept poor Nathan up until 12:30 talking. Waking up for kick boxing was hard this morning!

* I think that the site that tells the reading level of blogs is LAME LAME LAME!! Mine is elementary level FYI. They told me this after one second.


Anika has discovered her sass and is using it full force. I don't have much patience for it (thus the resolution to not yell) . A couple of my favorite phrases:

* You're not the boss you know.
* NO!! That's not my favorite!
* I don't like you!
* Don't say that to me!!

Aside from these lovely moments she really is an angel! She talks and talks and talks and asks questions and then talks some more. I love her cheesiness and her innocence. She loves Keslie and tells everyone that Kes is her best friend. She's learning so much and growing up so fast.

Keslie is at such a fun age. She's talking so much and still has such a cute lisp. Her voice isn't as low as it used to be but it's still pretty husky. =) I can't describe the way she looks when she talks and do her justice. I'll have to get some video footage with the camera. She follows Anika around like a puppy.

OH - one more thing. Nathan and I just signed up with this new bank (ING DIRECT). We were surprised by how good the interest rates were, even on your checking account. Plus, when you're referred by someone who already has an account, you get $25 free. The referring person gets $10! And you can refer up to 25 people. Think of the money that could be made!! SO - if you are interested we would love to refer you!! Let me know!!!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


lnkmom said...

I think I like the "real" resolutions! Sounds like Book Club was great, wish I could have come!

Yay for the new camera and printer, we have a Canon too and love it!

Do tell us more about this blog that rates your reading level...

Kimberly said...

I like your first goals!! They sound like ones that you could keep, but that's probably because they are habits that we try to overcome....I do like your real goals though! Good luck with those. You are a superwoman for waking up that early to go workout! I'm impressed. Your girls are adorable and keep me laughing!!

Fred & Meili said...

I love the goals. That was so funny! Enjoy the new camera!

The Frosts said...

You are so cute. I love your "fake" goals and love your real goals too. Best of luck in the new year! And I'm glad you had such a fun trip back west!

LJAandB said...

I think the first set of goals look great, easier to not break! Glad you guys had a great christmas too and we are so jealous of all that snow you're getting this year!!!!!!JJ

Summers Camp said...

I just wish we could have gotten together... one of these days! Love the goals (we share a few, surprise, surprise!). *B