Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Heavenly Visit

Well - my sister Kelyn was just here for her 4th visit!! We got to have her and the boys for 10 days and it was just fabulous! The 4 kids get along great! So, let me just fill you in on ALL the crazy adventures we had!

For starters, Kelyn and I mastered 6 PUZZLES while she was here!! Mostly 500 hundred piecers. We ended with a bang and did a 1000 piece puzzle! Pretty sweet - eh? BUT WAIT, it gets even crazier! When we weren't "playing puzzles" (that's what we like to say) we were having word search races, reading, making MULTIPLE batches of cookies, napping, playing settlers, devouring delicious sandwiches and basically just being laid back and carefree! We quite enjoyed ourselves! Aren't we AWESOME?! We did get to go on a fun-filled girls night to Red Robin! We had big plans to party the night away - go clubbin (haha!), cruise through town, catch a flick - but after our burgers we decided that we wanted to go home and change into our PJ's and finish our Puzz diddly uzzle. I know - can we GET ANY COOLER?!! =)

What were the kids doing during all of this? Well, they did a lot of dressing up (mostly in doggy ears leftover from Anika's Blue's Clue's party last year), dancing, cushion jumping, they liked to be superheros and fly from room to room, empty out EVERY toy in the house, color with crayons (in Isaac's case - EAT the crayons), when it was nice outside they loved playing with the bikes and going on walks, AND of course - they did watch their fair share of The Wiggle's and Teletubbies (tubby tubbies as Keslie calls them) and Winnie the Pooh. Samuel calls me Aunt Brikky. =)

We hit the JACKPOT on Saturday when we hit the tag sale scene! We came home with a CARLOAD of stuff. I'm still not sure how Kel got it all in her suitcases. Luckily, she always brings an extra one for tag sale merchandise. =)

Kelyn got to be my sole helper in nursery on Sunday. We make a good team! We laughed because we sound the same - we both talk in a high, zippity doo da kind of voice. =)

The last day they were here the weather was FANTASTIC! We dropped Anika off at pre-school and took the 3 younger kids to Westmoor park. The foliage was just beautiful and the kids had a great time running around. Keslie and Isaac even engaged in some puddle jumping!

And now they are gone and we are very very sad. 10 days goes oh so fast.

Today I tried to stay busy - we went to the library and grocery store this morning and then after lunch we went shopping for Christmas outfits! I think I found them! A little different than the Froo froo dresses I usually pick, but I'm excited! I can't wait to make bows to match! While I was at the mall I stopped in at the Verizon store to see if I could get any deals on phones. That's right my friends. My phone in gone! Lost and STOLEN. I'm so upset. If anyone has any verizon phones laying around their house that they'd be willing to sell - let me know!! The prices are pretty up there and it's looking like I'm going to get to use OLD FAITHFUL. I don't know how old it is but compared to my Chocolate it looks like it's from the stone age. Anyway - I'd love to find a screaming deal! I then went to Target and had a most upsetting experience in the food court area and then was met with rudeness everywhere I turned. I dearly love that store so I won't hold a grudge. I did, however, take a stand by NOT putting away my cart. Haha! Poor cart guy. He didn't do anything.

Anyway - I am officially rambling. Kelyn - thanks for visiting and for being such a good friend to me! We already miss you and the boys!

Here are some pictures from the visit! I didn't take as many as I would have liked but we still got some cute ones! I have some videos that I'll upload when I get the chance! I'm sure that Kel will be posting a bunch of pictures on her blog too! See ya!

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Whetten Family said...

You two have always been like peanut butter and jelly....peas and carrotts....oscar and his grouch....looks like you had so much fun! Sisters are the best!

Tairi said...

First of all, I like to read your rambling!! I am excited for you guys that Kelyn got to spend some time with you, it looks like you guys had fun. I am sure I would go crazy without my sisters close to me...And you guys are beautiful!

Amber said...

You two are gorgeous and you can totally tell your sisters. Don't you just love that you can do the simplest things with family and be completely content? Sounds like a blast!

jill s said...

awww! it sounds like you had the best time! that's so fun. i miss my sisters!

Mom said...

What a precious memory you just made! I know that you both will treasure this time together. Those cousins will love those pictures when they are older!

Heidi Ann said...

I'M OFFICIALLY JEALOUS AND THAT'S WHY I'M YELLING!! You girls had way to much fun! I bet Isaac and Samuel loved the leaves, it's not like we have any here. And I really liked that picture of you wearing glasses, so hip! If you ever come accross cheap plane tickets PLEASE let me know!! Are you coming here any time soon?

Mandi said...

Oh how I long to have been apart of that fun (except for the fact that three's a croud). I really feel like I should be a sister rather than just a buddy. I just love you girls. Looking at the pictures of you Britt made me so homesick for you and you are so beautiful! So is Kelyn. You look like twins for heaven sake. Who knew you wore glasses? That was the first time I've ever seen you in them. You have beautiful babies too! I am a lucky duck and we are playing with Mr. Samuel and Isaac today. By the way, Connecticutt is so pretty! It looks how I feel things should look here. If I lived there I would probably have my tree up by now. The weather here although it is so nice) doesn't exactly scream Christmas. Nickelby and Samuel are watching Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer in the toy room right now. This weather surely doesn't take a toll on a little person's spirits! I love you lots and I can't wait to play next month!

Choate Family said...

You 2 are so stinkin' cute. I must tell you that you both remind me so much of your mother . . . in spunk and in looks.

Kimberly said...

Sisters are the best! I'm glad you guys had so much fun together! My two sisters live in AZ and WA so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, so visits are the best and you have to cram in all the fun!! Looks like you guys succeeded in that area!

tessa said...

really this jealous i couldnt be with my two beautiful sisters?! my gosh! i cant wait to see you agian. hopefully soon. it looks like i am not going to arizona after chiristmas though :( i love you so much!

Kim said...

What fun! I'm glad that Kel gets to visit as often as she does. You girls are both so beautiful and I see your mother in both of you.
So, what with sporting the spectacles? You look GOOD in them. I love the picture of all the kiddies sittin gat the table without shirts on. YOu'd think it was summer or something.
I love you guys!

The Frosts said...

How fun! Aren't sisters just the best?!? I miss living near mine. I love your Zippity do da voice comment. Hilarious. Glad you had a great time together.