Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!!!

Good grief! I had big plans for my "Thanksgiving post" but I have been SOO busy that I never got a chance to type anything up!! These past few weeks have been NUTSO for me. I feel like I have a million ideas and projects and things to do tumbling around in my head ALL THE TIME!! I need to start checking things off my list! My plan for right now was to take a nap! Haha!! I just don't know when I'll get around to posting anything if I don't take advantage of this quiet time. The girls are napping and Nathan is tackling his list of things to do. =) SO - I have heaps of stuff to say!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!! We went over to some friend's home for the feast and it was tons of fun! AND we even got to play THE ANIMAL GAME! I've been longing to play that for the last TWO years! Yay!! Suzanne and Jim were great hosts and we are so grateful to them for taking us in. =)

I've been thinking about my life and feeling so thankful for it. I love being alive and getting to experience all the wonderful things in this world. A lot of you are probably familiar with my little "freak outs" that I have occasionally. It used to happen a lot more when Nathan and I were first married. Here's what happens - I pretty much panic that I'm going to die and then freak out. NOT because I'm scared to die. I just LOVE living so DARN MUCH. I don't want to miss out on raising my kids. I don't want Nathan to get remarried and forget about me. I don't want my family to have to miss me. I especially don't want to die right now when I know niether of my girls would remember me. Anyway - a couple of nights ago I was watching House and working on bows and all of the sudden I think to myself that I'm going to die NEXT WEEK. Of course panic ensues. I think to myself 'why would I just think that?? It must be a warning!!'. So, Nathan comes home from mutual to find me bawling and writing a letter to Anika. He comforts me by reminding me that this has happened before and I'm still alive. He also reminds me that I'm hormonal (not pregnancy hormones!!). He tells me that he could never forget me. He promises that if I do die he will make sure that the girls know how much I loved them. So, we start to chuckle a bit at my dramatics and I feel a little better. I don't really think that I'm going to die next week - but I can't stop thinking "what if". Whether I live another week or another 50 years I want to take advantage of every day and every moment I have with the girls and with Nathan. I want to serve more. I want to leave the world a better place. I want to be a better missionary. I want to DO more and PLAY more and put the really important things first. I want to write letters to my girls. I want to remember birthdays and call people more. I want to figure out how to STUDY the scriptures (yeah, I'm 26 and still working on that). I want to feel confident that when I do die I will be ready. I love being alive - I just want to make sure that I'm living RIGHT. Does that make sense? Anyway - enough of that.

So, last night I was standing by my closet and thinking about Christmas gifts. I was feeling so excited and I turned around really fast to head out the door and BAM!!! I hit the door jam and it HURT!! One of those hurts where I actually CRIED. =) I was so disoriented - how the heck did that happen? And it's on my RIGHT eye! Which means that I didn't even ALMOST make it out the door! Anyway - here is a picture of that little tragedy last night:



Last Tuesday we had our FIRST SNOW!! We were so excited! It's a little weird because we still have tons of leaves on our trees! Luckily, the snow melted pretty fast and we should be able to rake our mess this weekend. =) That morning we walked to school using our off roading stroller and it worked pretty well but on the way to pick her up I whipped out our AWESEOME new sled (a tag sale purchase) and pulled Keslie. It worked SO perfectly! It was so fast - even once both girls were on we just sailed right along. LOVE IT! I got a few pictures - but not of the sled.

Keslie helped me make a pumpkin roll while Anika was at school! She's so cute - lately when she is eating she'll say "mmmm, licious!!". She has a very contagious little laugh! She has lovingly named her PINK soft blanket from Aunt Jolee - Purple. That's it's name. Haha!! We were cleaning up the Fall decorations today and I realized that I had never gotten a photo of her with her "friend" scarecrow!! So - there is a picture of that along with some pumpkin roll pics. For the past two months she has toted that thing with her everywhere - holding it's hand and calling it her friend scarecrow.

Today is the big Christmas decorating day! Happy day!! I'll get some pictures of our holiday splendor once it's all finished! We are saving the tree for when the girls wake up.

The girl's were loving playing in the boxes this year.

Anika was WAY to busy playing with all of her "new" toys. =)

The annual opening of the egg nog! The girls LOVE that stuff!
Nathan is being a good sport and helping us set up. He thinks that we should hold off decorating until DECEMBER 1st!! AND he also thinks that we shouldn't listen to Christmas music until December!! He must really love me because we were setting up Christmas this afternoon - Nov. 23rd and listening to all our favorite yuletide carols! =) I think he's crazy!! Personally - I think it would make Thanksgiving all the better - more warm and fuzzy and holidayish - if we could decorate BEFORE! AND I could listen to Christmas music ALL year around! I am SO happy that it's Christmas time that I feel like bursting into song RIGHT NOW!! We get to go to AZ for the holidays this year! We are SO excited! It will be a little weird not seeing my family. This will be my first Christmas to not see them at all on Christmas. SAD!! Anyway - I'm sure there will be more Christmasy posts to come. If I have time. =)

So, a few of you commented on my slick glasses. =) I got these glasses when I was pregnant with Anika because I couldn't see things that were far away as well. They said that was normal when you are pregnant. I never wore them. For the past year I have been doing a really annoying thing with my face. It's sort of a forehead scrunch/twitch kind of thing. I know it's been at least a year because I remember talking to Kyle and Hillary about it last year before Thanksgiving. I decided to give these glasses a whirl to see if they would help at all. Not so much. I still twitch and wrinkle and scrunch and strain my poor forehead muscles all the live long day. I imagine it doesn't look very cute AND it leaves my head feeling OH SO SORE. Nathan always says "Britt, why are you blinking at that(whatever it is) are you trying to make it disappear?!". As in, I look like Jeannie on I Dream of Jeannie when she does her goofy blink. So, I think I need to give in and go get my eyes checked. I've never worn contacts or glasses or anything - but if it will help get rid of this annoying habit then I am all for it!

Check out this CUTE MAGOOT!!

This is Anika with her favorite toy friend - Wilbur. =) I love her big, beautiful grin and those twinkling eyes!

Here is a video of Nathan playing with the girls!

So, I watched Hairspray for the first time a couple days ago! Loved it! This is one of my favorite songs because I LOVE how cheesy James Marsden is as Corny Collins. The only problem with this one is that we only get a few glimpses of LINK. That's right folks. I totally have a crush on Link Larkin. =) Will somebody please get me one of these? Haha!! =)

So - here's one with lot's of Link. =) I love it when he hugs the pillow and takes a bite of the candy bar! SO CHEESY!

Alright! The girls are awake! Off to decorate the tree!! Have a great weekend!!


Heidi Ann said...

This was quite the post. First things first. I love the walk into the door story, I was laughing out loud. I laughed even louder and harder that I could see your tears in the first picture. Oh, that sounds really mean, sorry! Secondly, I love that you waited until AFTER Thanksgiving, as it is a SIN to do ANYTHING Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. I have really strong opinions about this unimportant topic! Third, please get the glasses, you sport them so well and they look REALLY good! Lastly, I love Kesley's friend, what a goof!

Jenn said...

Amen to the glasses--you're even more of a hottie.

And as to the dying thing, rest assured darlin' you are not the only one who does that. :) Let's see, I've been convinced that I'm going to die, Jaska, one of my kids, that we're all going to crash and burn in an airplane if we go on a particular trip, my parents, my siblings, you name it. Isn't that funny? For myself, I really think that Satan knows where I'm vulnerable and when I'm vulnerable and he'll just drop these little thoughts in my head and I'm all WHAMMO! Jaska's going to die on his way home from work today. Or he's cheating on me (that's a popular runner up) :) He's not dead yet and he's not cheating, so I'm not sporting a very good record so far either. :)

Love you--thanks so much again for watching the boys.

Mindy P. said...

Your eye looks like it hurts! And that picture of Anika is sooooo cute!! She looks just like you.

riggsfam said...

That video of Nathan swinging the girls around is so funny! Looks like you've been busy! Happy holidays!

Choate Family said...

You are too cute! I know what you're talking about with the dying issue, I think about it all the time too and it freaks me out. I also think all the time about what if my husband were to die . . . that's a scary feeling too.

Sorry but I did laugh with the busting your eye story!! That is pretty sad but totally funny too. Looks like you're keeping quite busy with all your holiday festivities. We're hoping to decorate this week too.

Kim said...

I am so sorry you've had another panic attack where your life is concerned. I'm certain they stem from losing your own mom at a time when you needed her the most.
I'm so grateful that you have such a loving husband to talk you through your fears and reassure you, what a blessing he has been for you.
Maybe helping your own younger brother and sisters remember and know the great woman that your mom was will help settle your fears.
I know she also was afraid that they wouldn't remember and know her. Let them know what kind of person she was and how much she loves you all, still. She's only gone from your sight, not you from hers.

Amber said...

I was going to say exactly what Kim said about your fear of dying. But she said it all so perfectly I will leave it at that. I too have the same fears of me dying, or Wes, or one of the kids. So, I understand how real it all can seem.
I am sorry about your eye but it did make me LOL!
I loved the video of Nathan and the girls. The kids watched with me so we will be showing Wes the video so they can have cool circus rides too!
You are awesome Brittanie!!

Susan said...

That's some crazy trick that Nathan does with the girls! I'm going to have to challenge Ben to try that out with Emma. :)

mindy said...

that video of nathan & the girls is TOO cute. my mom and i were laughing out loud!! So fun! Hope your eye heals quickly. that is definitely something i would do too!!! haha.

Mindy Riggs

Kyle & Hillary said...

What a hilarious, cute and random post! I liked it!! Your klutziness made me laugh because I can totally relate!! I should win an award for bumping into everything! :)
Hope all is well!!

Brittney said...

Oh my your eye looks like it hurt so bad! I would have cried too! Man you guys have had lots going on. So fun. I love love love the video of Nath spinning the girls around. Talk about a major arm work out. Maybe I should do that to Brayton:) haha. But I am so glad that you love Hairspray too. I am in love with that movie and cant wait to own it and watch it all the time!!! I already know all the songs:) Well I am so excited to see you for Christmas. I hope to see you guys at least once if possible. Well I love you and take pics of your cute Christmas decorations k.

Summers Camp said...

Man, when you post something, you POST SOMETHING! What mammoth posts you have my friend! And your eye!!! Holy toledo. Also, I think you're dang gorgeous ;)

Macey Kay said...

You are definitely a GIVER...your fam looks o cute in all of those pics...sorry about your eye! As for igoogle, I investigated more, it was already at Full, I am at a loss. Have a great Holiday season!

Anonymous said...

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