Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Little Bugnut

If you are a member of my family then you know that my dad comes up with the most RANDOM terms of endearment! Well - this morning Kes was crying about something and I said "Come here my little bugnut..."!! I THINK that my dad might be rubbing off on me (which I think is a good thing because my dad is the coolest) but Bugnut???. Bugnut is definitely one of his trademarks. Along with Pigdog, Brishtokoff, and adding his middle name (Wayne) to all of our names. =)

This morning I found Keslie on the table eating her leftovers. I had to take a picture because I thought it was pretty cute until I came back in a couple minutes later and she was dumping her bowl of wet, soggy rice krispies back into the box!!! Good grief!!

This is a picture of Kes with her chocolate beard. We had graham crackers with frosting the other night and she just wanted the frosting!!

She is at such a fun age! She's singing and talking so much! She's also following in Anika's footsteps and LOVES babies. She changes their diapers and puts them to bed and lugs them around with her everywhere! She's doing great without her pacifier but talks about it ALL them time! I HAVE to get her saying "family" on video because it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. =) She's such a little doll.


Choate Family said...

Yea for preschool!!

Oh my heck, I can totally hear your dad saying all those goofy names! That's hilarious!

Have you taken on your mom's loud whistle too? I can just hear it as she turns the corner driving that big old truck. HE HE HE!! :(

Brittney said...

wait, No Binki at all? WHAT??? How and when? I am so jealous!!!! I love these little girls of yours. I wish we saw eachother more. Well I will talk to you later love you.

Whetten Family said...

That chocolate beard is adorable. Aren't little girls an adventure....I am scared about having little boys, though! What will we do!?

The Allen's said...

I love her chocolate face. che looks like a little clown woman. I love her big smile. What can she say about the rice crispies? she just doesn't want to be wasteful.love you.

riggsfam said...

Cutie! I can't imagine putting a sweatshirt on Riley :) It is still so hot here!

The Richins Family said...

kes is so cute. how old is she now? that cracks me up about the cereal! she has a lot of tanners' personality in her. :)