Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Well - if you look at the picture of Keslie before we left to go camping that will give you a little clue as to how our camping trip went. =) She had a fever on Friday and was the biggest bear EVER so I was thinking EAR INFECTION for sure. The doctor said nope - just a virus. I wish that she'd been a little bit more comprehensive and told me what TYPE of virus because if I'd have known I would NOT have taken her camping and exposed my dear, innocent friends to it AND we would have saved tons of money! I thought she was getting her 2 year molars so we loaded up and headed out. Friday night was MISERABLE!! Keslie could not be comforted so Nathan took her to the car and then I couldn't sleep knowing that she was in the car screaming so I went and traded with him. It was a long night! The next morning we went to Storyland and that was tons of fun! Keslie seemed in good spirits so we thought things were taking a turn for the better! We went back to the campsite for lunch and that is when we saw the source of her discomfort. Poor baby!! She had about 5 canker sores on the inside of her lower lip and then white patchy sores all over her tongue and she was in some serious pain! We called the on call Dr. and she said it was the coxsackie virus (hand, foot, and mouth disease). It sounds right to me except everything I've read says that the blisters in the mouth are red and Keslie's were most definitely white. She had the fever, the abdominal pain, loss of appetite and everything else though. OH - except she didn't get any sores on her hands and feet. I don't know - maybe it was something else. ??? I'm just pretty annoyed that I took her to the Dr. and she didn't even check her mouth!! Apparently this is going around out here. SO - we headed home on Saturday. We were pretty bummed - we'd been looking forward to this camping trip for a long time. There were SO many fun things we wanted to do! Oh well! We'll go again next summer! =) Thanks to the Liddles, Thompsons, and Hamiltons for going up with us! It was fun while it lasted!

Kes is doing a ton better and I'm just waiting to see if Anika is going to catch it! I just hope she gets it over with before pre-school starts! =)

Here are the few pictures we did take! AND I already feel bad for taking Keslie around and letting her TOUCH things so please, no guilt trips!! =)

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Tairi said...

Hey Britt! I am so glad that I found you. It seriously has been forever. You are just as georgeous as always, and so is your family. Tairi