Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday 7-11-06

Well - this is my first ever BLOG entry! I'm so excited! Anika and Keslie are taking naps so I have a little down time to work on this! I started it a month ago and I am just barely getting around to writing anything.
We've had a pretty fun day. Keslie woke me up this morning at 6 AM! I don't miss winter - but I have to say that it's nice when it stays dark a little later in the morning! Since I was up I decided to run to the grocery store. When I got home I stuck Keslie and Anika is the bathtub where they proceeded to saturate the whole bathroom!! I'm probably exaggerating a little bit but the floor WAS pretty wet. Keslie has just started splashing. She was always so calm when she was on her back but now that she is sitting and mobile she is a mess!! And not just in the bathtub. If there are books that she can reach - she pulls them off the shelf, she knocks over lamps and fans, opens cupboards and drawers and sticks anything and everything in her mouth! Yesterday I was putting something away in the refrigerator and I don't know how she did it - but she managed to crawl from 10 feet away and make it into the fridge right as I was shutting it (I didn't see her) and I slammed her in it! She wasn't very happy about that. We are trying to teach her what the word NO means but she just smiles when we say it. I think she does it on purpose! Last night she went over to Nathan's bookshelf and pulled off a video and then turned to Nathan really fast like she was waiting for her reprimand! Anyway - after bathtime I stuck her in her crib and she stood up and started jumping! She's stood up two other times - but it was always really hesitantly. This morning she did it like a pro!! It was so cute.
My friends Jenn and Jenn brought their boys, Connor and Jonah, over to play with Anika after Keslie's nap. Connor LOVES Anika and they hold hands everywhere they go! It's hilarious! We took them to the park behind my house and then when we got hot we came back and filled up the little pool in the backyard. Jonah climbed in the water with his shoes on!All the boys love Anika. It's fun to watch them fight over her. Anika is getting so big! It's fun to watch her play pretend with her toys. When she takes care of her dolls and kisses them and tucks them in it makes me feel good - because I know that she must get that from me so I must be doing something right! It's fun to hear her say some of the things that Nathan and I say. The other day she was saying "COME HERE RIGHT NOW!! (loudly) then she would walk her little toy over and the other one would say "Thank you" and then she would respond with "Your welcome". SOO cute! She's been saying "Don't you dare" a lot to Keslie. It's really funny. I think she gets that one from Nathan. Our friends left just before lunch time so we ate and then I put the girls to bed and now here I am! We'll see how long the girls nap - it is thundering so loudly outside!!
Well - that's it for this entry. Kyle and Hillary are coming over tonight - so I need to start dinner. Nathan and Kyle are going to dig through a bunch of rotten teeth!! Doesn't that sound fun?! I think that Hillary and I will find something else to do!


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