Monday, July 30, 2012

Brenan's Surgery

Our little dude had quite the rough week and a half following his surgery to get his tonsils and adenoids removed. I actually started to wonder if he'd ever get back to the normal, happy kid we were used to. He went in fasting on a Friday morning in May and got to wear the cutest, little hospital gown ever. He had a great time playing on Dad's ipad while he waited. It took forever for the sedation meds to kick in but once they did he was hilarious!

Here we are waiting:
 Playing games on the ipad:
 Here is a look into Bren's mouth and at his huge tonsils!

He was not very happy when he was brought out to me. We weren't able to leave until he ate a popsicle or drank some water or juice. He didn't want anything! They finally let us go and he got the royal treatment - a ride in a radio flyer wagon! Look how pathetic he looks! He could hardly stay sitting up! 
 At home he slept a lot., puked a couple times, sweat profusely and was happy to eat on day one - his first choice was doritos! Weird! 

We thought recovery would be a breeze because he was doing so well that first day home but after that it was not so fun. He hated the medicine so Nathan would mix it with Hershey's syrup. After that he took it ok. One of the biggest problems we had was that he didn't want to swallow anything so he would sit there and let drool and anything else that went into his mouth pool up in his cheeks until it finally came dribbling out. by the end of the 10 days he was skin and bones. I don't know if it was the medicine or just being dehydrated/hungry but he slept and slept and slept and had no energy for several days. My only advice coming out of this is to STAY ON TOP OF THE MEDS for at least the first 2-3 days. We missed a dose one time by 2 hours the first night and it was HORRIBLE! Poor little guy. Also, don't buy a ton of food. Wait until after the surgery and see what they want. He didn't eat any of the fun things we bought beforehand. His speech has definitely improved and I know he is sleeping better so I'm very glad we did it and even more glad that it's in the past and that my sweet boy is back (with a much higher voice - it's SOOO cute!).


Susan said...

Oh poor boy! I look at him and I think of my Jake. They would be good buds I bet... I hope none of my kids need to have their tonsils removed- it does not sound fun! I'm glad he FINALLY got back to his happy self. :)

Jill Scripps said...

I had asked so many people for advice before Emerson had his tonsils out...and it was SO much harder than anyone mentioned to me!! The first couple days weren't so bad...but then things got much worse before they got better!! I think it was around day 7 or something like that that he had his worst pain! It was actually crazy intense referred ear pain! BLAH!! I'm so glad that's behind us! He hasn't had a sore throat once since he got them out last July!! I hope you have awesome success with him too!!!

The Richins Family said...

Poor boy. Brooklyn has huge tonsils like brenan did. It was so awful for her. She went through the phase of not eating until i put everything in front of her and made her choose. jello was about all she ate.

there was one time we missed a dose too and it was horrible. it's so easy to forget.

so glad he is back.