Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Wrap-up

Well, this summer flew right on by! We had a little welcome/get to know you party with Nathan's work and Brenan and Anika found the stash of dress ups. I think I need to invest in some good boy dress up clothes because Brenan was having a ball!

We had our first visitors to Fort Worth! Granana and Papa came and we had a great weekend with them. The kids love all of Granana's games on her IPad.

Anika let her pull out the tooth that had been dangling forever! Papa gave her a dollar. She was pretty thrilled!

Anika made Papa a special nose and he was a good sport to wear it!
It was a great weekend!
We haven't gotten any furniture to fill our front two rooms yet so the kids have a blast making forts and houses. Here is one of them:

They also like to use the table:

Anika helped me make granola! It turned out so yummy! We used this recipe:
I ate it for breakfast every day!

They did a lot of backyard swimming since Fort Worth is lacking in pools and splash pads.

Weirdos! I found them both with oreo guts all over their heads!

The girls got their ears re-pierced since their holes had closed. They chose their birthstones which happen to be their favorite colors - pink and blue. =) Here is Kes getting all ready!
Then they got their hair cut and the lady cut Anika's hair about 2 inches shorter than I had said. Rarrr! She did a pretty horrid job on Keslie's layers too. I think I'll just do it myself from now on!
A friend in my ward had a "feather party" so I let the girls get a feather. They were pretty darn excited!

My friend, Winni, from San Antonio stopped by on her way home from a trip in Missouri. The kids played for the morning before we headed down to Austin.
I look LARGE and IN CHARGE next to Winni! She is so tiny. It was fun to see them.

Brooke and Scott are heading to Hong Kong for a year so we wanted to see them before they left. We took a quick overnight trip to Austin and ate dinner with them at Chuy's and then the next day we went to breakfast and an ice cream festival before heading home. We will miss them! Olsen is going to be a full fledged toddler the next time we see him! Here are some pictures from our quick trip:

It was pretty miserable outside but luckily we could have all the ice cream we wanted. It was $10 to get in so I was determined to get my moneys worth!

We went to Lake Worth for the first time with the cub scouts. The kids loved it! Lake Worth is so beautiful to drive by! I"m happy we live so close to it.

I bought museum passes last week and we've already gone a couple times. This last visit the girls took advantage of the fountain that is coming out of the ground. I don't know if it's really supposed to be a splash pad but whoever put it there was sort of asking for it by setting benches all around and having water shoot out of the ground. It was probably their favorite moment of the summer and I LOVED that they were so happy!

This little sweetie (don't even look at me!) had her first run in with fire ants.

I counted 49 bites. Those ants are nasty little things! We managed to make it 2 years in San Antonio without any of us getting bit and now we've all experienced it since moving here.
Phew! Now I'm caught up! Hopefully I'll be better at posting now that my girls are in school! I'm tired of all my boring, long, picture posts! =)

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THE O'BRIENS said...

Oh, your belly is SO cute. We miss you guys. Poor Keslie. Holy cow! That looks so painful. It was fun to chat with you the other day. We will have to do it again soon. P.S. The Halloween clearance is a great time to get dressups.