Sunday, January 09, 2011

Anika's 7th Birthday!!

This is so weird! My little girl is starting to look like a big girl! She is tall, gangly, beautiful and at that super fun in-between stage. =) I love her so much. I couldn't ask for a better oldest child.
I'm getting pretty good at doing low key birthdays! I promised them that they could have parties next year. I don't think they mind just hanging out with the family though! She took cupcakes to school and we went and ate lunch with her. She was SO happy to have us there and rearranged the entire seating chart at the lunch table so that we could sit with her class. =) After school we got her cake ready and when Nathan went home we took her to eat at a place of her choice. She chose McDonalds. She knew she'd be able to get a happy meal since it was her birthday. I hate going to Mickey D's because my kids never eat the food. Oh well - her choice. =) She talked to a bunch of people on the phone and I took her to Walmart so that she could spend her birthday money. She has the hardest time making decisions and we were all over the store trying to decide. It was awfully cute. =) When we got home we had cake and ice cream and then called it a night. Happy 7th birthday sweet Anika!!

At 7 years old Anika:

* Loves to read. Lately she's been "into" stuff about mummies and outer space and she loves The Magic Treehouse books.
* Has lost 6 teeth. 4 bottom and 2 top.
* Is a snuggler and has a very tender heart. She really cares about people and is a very good friend to kids of all ages.
* Is bossy. Aren't we all? First children, I mean. Hahaha!
* Runs like Napolean Dynamite - we love her little run!!
* Is very helpful with Brenan and Keslie. I often find her teaching Keslie letters and reading and the other night she got Brenan all ready for bed for me - diaper changed and all!
* Wants a pet SO badly.
* Loves inventing "stories" for her and Keslie to play. They remind me of Kelyn and me when we were kids! She has a great imagination.
* Has the BEST LAUGH EVER!! Hearing her laughing from a couple rooms away always makes me happy.

I've said it many times but I'll say it again; she is an angel and I am so lucky to be her mom. Okay - all this Anika talk is making me need to go in her room and stare at her sleeping and then maybe give her a big, mommy smooch!


Susan said...

What a sweet post about your cutie little (I mean big!) girl. Happy Birthday to Anika! Can't believe you have a 7 year old!

Jenn said...

I love that girl! I can't believe she's getting so big! I wish you were back here close to me!

Kev and Ash said...

Happy belated birthday, Anika!