Saturday, June 05, 2010

Caterpillar Spring!

Meet Dave and Ollie:

They were our little buddies for a week before we set them free! The girl's found them crawling all over Hallie and Peyton's porch. Pretty cool!

We were super excited about this cocoon we saw right outside our window!

I went outside for a closer look and got this awesome picture:

It wasn't a cocoon after all! It was a monster caterpillar! We kept him for a couple days and observed that he eats A LOT and poops even more!
I'm pretty sure that none of our little friends will turn into beautiful butterflies - they are destined to be moths. At least that's what google says. =)


Renae said...

I would hope that you could find more kid friendly pets. what happened to dogs and cats? That caterpillar grossed me out.

Brooke said...

That giant one is a tobacco horn worm - they are freaky! It is supposed to turn into a moth, but supposedly one of the most beautiful moths around.