Friday, May 07, 2010

Anika and Keslie's Ballet Recital

The girls just finished up their second ballet class with "Miss Nanci". It was so cute! I wish I had been videotaping Kes because the view Nathan had wasn't as good as mine. Oh well! It was so cute and my smile about burst off my face. I love these little ballerinas of mine. =)

Here are the girls with Nanci!

The BIG sister class:

The LITTLE sister class:


Renae said...

Oh, Yes!! Iremember going to a recital of Brit"s and she was sooo shy{Can anyone believe that?} You stood in your cute tutu and smiled!!!I would love to watch those little girls dance. What cuties!!! What a fun day at the beach. Brennan looked like he was after that bird. Love to you all G and G

LJABandC said...

I love little girls in leotards and tights. They are adorable!

LJABandC said...
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